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“Over the years, I have learned a variety of meditation techniques and processes. I eventually arrived at the realisation that meditation was about learning to come to rest in the energy and simplicity of the present moment – learning to abide in my feeling-connection to the Divine. So it was an extraordinary Grace to receive an Energy that supported this intuition and understanding that I’d already come to.

The first time I held this Energy I was very moved. It didn’t take any time at all to realise all the ‘headiness’ of my day and help me come to rest and feel again. I naturally began to breathe deeply, my chest filling as if it was being pumped up by some external force. But I particularly noticed that on the exhale, I was realising a lot of pressure and build-up tension that I was holding in the body and of which I was not particularly aware. I realised that this Wand Energy was providing me an initial psychic clearing! (I guess we can’t truly come to rest in the happiness and freedom of real meditation unless we are clear and the circuitry of our body-minds is restored to its natural start). Who would have thought that a meditation energy Wand would give you a psychic clearing!

Beyond this initial experience, this Wand allowed a profound depth and ease in my Meditation. I had no trouble whatsoever with the mind or the body like I sometimes do. Everything seemed to settle very gracefully. I felt a deep connection and intimacy with the Divine and an ease in allowing this communion to expand and flow throughout my form. But above all, the most extraordinary thing that I arrived at was a deep sense of intimacy with the Divine, the presence of a force greater than me. It was truly exquisite, as if all barriers, mind, ideas, separation and limitation, had all been dissolved and I was just there free, stripped bare and available to the love and grace of the Divine. How exquisite!

This Energy is truly a wondrous gift. I would love everybody to have this Energy, whether you are an experienced meditator in any particular line of cultural meditation practice, or just starting out on your journey of self-discovery. This Energy would benefit everyone and enhance any form of meditation, as it transcends all limitations, concepts and ideas of meditation that don’t allow the true revelation of Only God”. – R.G – USA

‘Meditation Formal Happiness’ – Writing

“The usual approach to meditation is to engage some method of concentration or visualisation in an attempt to attain some subtle change of state. However, real meditation is not a mentally performed act motivated through a search for improvement, self-survival, or becoming something else. Real meditation is simply taking a moment to sit quietly in the present enjoyment of our confession of Happiness and allowing this Communion to consume our entire existence. Real meditation is therefore Communion with the Always Already Presence of the Infinite Current that lives and breathes us”. 

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