How are we going with the ignition of our year… 😉 If we look at the world stage, it’s been a bumpy start, with the impeachment in the USA, environmental crisis with fires and floods, threats of viruses taking over the world and general unrest! We are hearing a lot of reports that there is a feeling of personal instability and concern at this time… We are here to assure you that everything is ok! The instability has long been predicted… the ‘status quo’ could not continue they way that it was going. It was always inevitable that this shift was going to occur. It’s just up to us where we are going to be standing as all of this turns on its head… It is a simple choice really – but a profound outcome will occur either way…

2020 is a leap year which means February has one extra day for us to enjoy. This special day, February 29, gives us the numerology code of 8, a number representing balance, abundance, and the infinite potential of the soul. Engaging the numerology and astrology wands together at this time. This is a good summary of what February brings. It is a much lighter month than January and will help all of us to ease into the new vibrations that 2020 has in store for us.

The first major event falls on February 8th with a Full Moon in the sign of Leo. Compared to the potent Full Moon Eclipse we had back in January, this Full Moon is going to feel easy and breezy! It carries strengthening vibrations that will guide us to feel confident and aligned with where we are on our journey. It also carries abundant energy and will bring the culmination to all we have been working towards since August of 2019.

The strength of this Full Moon will also guide us to bring closure to past issues that have been holding us back or bogging us down. The February Full Moon gives us a newfound strength and wisdom that will really help support us as we move through the month. 

On February 16th, Mars, the planet of motivation, will move into Capricorn, adding to the line up of planets we have in Earth signs.

Mars will be supporting our highest ambitions while in Capricorn, so there is great energy to use here too, we may just have to be a little patient and tactical when it comes to how we use it. This is especially true as a few days later we have the first Mercury Retrograde of the year!

From February 18th to March 10th, through the water sign of Pisces and the air sign of Aquarius.

When Mercury goes retrograde we are really encouraged to slow down and rely on our subtler senses. Our intuition, our gut feelings, our sixth sense are all heightened during a Mercury Retrograde, especially one that is moving through a water sign like Pisces.

Following Mercury going Retrograde, we have the Sun moving into the sign of Pisces, which is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. The Sun moving into Pisces on the 18th-19th is a time of culmination and completion. We have reached the end of a cycle, we have lived through all phases of the Sun and now it is time for us to celebrate, tie up loose ends, and harvest all we have sown. Engaging the Transitionings Wand is highly recommended.

Pisces Season is a very spiritual time as well. It’s a time where we can really reflect on the lessons and gifts of the last 12 months before the new cycle begins again. To help us with our reflection and spiritual work, Neptune, the planet of spirituality will form a sextile with Jupiter, the planet of abundance on February 20th. While this happens exactly on the 20th, it is something we are likely to feel brewing all through the month.

Neptune and Jupiter aligning in this sextile configuration is special in 2020, because it happens three times. This is very rare, and indicates a strong and powerful message from the Universe.

Jupiter sextile Neptune is a peaceful, supportive, and healing alignment that acts as a helping hand as we make our way through the potent 2020 energies.

It comes to soothe, aid, and guide us as we raise our vibration and consciousness to new levels. This is beautiful energy and something we can enjoy this month and again in July-August and October. The soothing vibes then continue with the Pisces New Moon on February 23th, which is soft, harmonious, and sensitive. It is a beautiful New Moon that will prepare us for the grand new beginnings that come in March with the start of the astrological year. 

Overall, February is a warming month that will bring a softening to some of the harsher energies we have been experiencing.

With Mercury in Retrograde, we may have to pause and slow down when it comes to our outer world, but that only leaves the door wide open for us to get in touch with our inner world.