As we continue on our 2024 journey guided by the wisdom of Hermetic Astrology, reality continues to challenge our conventional notion of an infinite cosmos. Actually… the cosmic expanse, seemingly beyond our reach, is, in fact an illusion created by the intricate structure of our minds. In the world of Alchymie, the universe unfolds within us, not us within it…  we are simply a reflection of Consciousness Itself.

The essence of Hermetic Astrology lies in dissolving the preordained destinies that appear inscribed in the stars. It echoes the ancient maxim “As above, so below,” emphasising the reciprocal relationship between our inner world and the external cosmos. By transcending fixed destinies associated with celestial bodies, we come to see the psyche as the architect of destiny, with the stars reflecting its intricate four-dimensional pattern.

Here are some astrological points to help guide you on your passage of transformation and awakening.

February’s celestial passage is marked by a rare alignment between Chiron and the North Node, heralding profound healing energies. With the absence of major planets in retrograde, the month signifies a propitious time for action and forward momentum. The dynamic duo of Mars and Pluto injects a fiery motivation into our cosmic adventure, urging us to align our actions with the celestial rhythms.

The numerological dance on February 2nd and 22nd accentuates themes of collaboration and creation. The Aquarius New Moon on February 9 beckons us into a realm of free-thinking and innovation. Simultaneously, the Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon, promising a period of strength and prosperity.

On February 11, the conjunction of Chiron and the North Node calls on us to collectively embrace our latent healing abilities. Mid-February witnesses the entry of Mars and Venus into Aquarius, conjuncting Pluto and infusing the cosmic energies with power, passion, and love. As Pisces season commences on February 18, a softer, more intuitive ambiance envelops us. Mercury’s migration into Pisces on February 23 challenges us to rely on our hearts in matters of communication and decision-making.

A grand cosmic rendezvous between Venus and Mars, followed by the Virgo Full Moon on February 24, ushers in energies of love, balance, and responsibility. The Sun aligns with Saturn on February 28, offering valuable lessons and gifts from the cosmic teacher. Leap Day on February 29, an extra day in the cosmic calendar, presents a unique opportunity to leap forward in our endeavors.

In this cosmic expedition guided by Hermetic Astrology, we are encouraged to pierce through the illusion and recognise ourselves as conscious architects shaping and being shaped by celestial forces. As we ride the waves of February’s cosmic tides, may we fully embrace the transformative potential embedded in the celestial wisdom, harmonizing our earthly journey with the celestial cadence.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

The astrology wizard refers to the influence of the planets and constellations upon an individual. The brain-mind is the unextended form, the world at large (the cosmos) is the extended form. The extended form is a reflection of the unextended form. Astrology reveals a map of the influence of the cosmos upon any given individual based on the unique circumstance of their birth.

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