The Angel Alchymie Products have come to be a major component of the product evolution, and the Angel Vial pack is the ‘dynamo’ collection of  all Angel Alchymie Energies available. This Vial pack has come to its completion as a 60 vial Pack, with the arrival of 11 new Angel Energies! (To read about the Angel Vial Pack, click here)

To help those who already have a ‘version’ of the Angel pack, ALL Angel Vial sets are now available as very special upgrade kits. And with the arrival of the 11 new Angel Energies, Hermes is giving everyone an opportunity to purchase an Angel Pack at its current price (all 60 Vials), before the price increase on the 21th of February!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get an upgrade for your pack, or secure a special price on the entire Pack!

(*Here’s a link to view all of the Angel Information)

Vial Upgrade Options

Because the Angel Pack has been constantly evolving, there are a few different versions of the Pack. For those who already have the Angel Vial Pack, here are the options – you will know which ones you need 🙂

* Until the 21th of February 2019, the entire Angel Vial Pack is $2100 (Feb 21st – $2700)
* For those with the first 30 Angel Vials – additional 30 Vial Upgrade, including new box, for $1200 (Feb 21st – $1450)

Realms $405
(set of 9)
– Seraphim
– Cherubim
– Thrones
– Dominions
– Virtues
– Powers
– Principalities
– Archangels
– Angels

Angels $450
(Set of 10)

– Angel of Anger
– Angel of Betrayal
– Angel of Death
– Angel of Despair
– Angel of Disappointment
– Angel of Doubt
– Angel of Fear
– Angel of Grief
– Angel of Guilt
– Angel of Sorrow

Archangels & Saints $270 (for 6) 0r $225 (for 5)
– Archangel Gazardiel (not included if your existing pack already has this vial)
– Archangel Zaphkiel
– Archangel Barachiel
– Archangel Jegudiel
– Archangel Selaphiel
– Saint Germain

Other Angels
$180 (Set-4)

– Fracking Angel
– Angel Melchizedek
– Colour of Saying
– Archangels Suns of Primordial Nature

11 New Angels $420 (soon to be $495)

Ang Mercy
– Angel of Deliverance
– Angel of Dreams
– Angel of Relationships
– Angel of Wisdom
– Angel of Awareness
– Angel of Beauty
– Angel of Light
– Angel of Sun
– Angel of Purpose

– The Unknown Angels


*These Images are not of the 60 Vial Pack. New 60 Vial Pack Coming Soon…