On July 23-24, 2021, we reach the peak of the lunar cycle with a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. This is actually one of two Aquarius Full Moons we will experience, as next month, we will also have another Aquarius Full Moon.

The water bearer has the gift of being able to collect water, which signifies the emotions of the world, in its vessel and transmute them using the power of air. The water bearer is then able to pour them back down to the world, bringing a shift in consciousness.

Try using  your Alchymeic Astrology Wand with these intention:

Firstly, asking the Energy to help to create the best possible use of this full moon energy.

2. Allow myself to feel suppressed emotional patterns so that I may witness them and release them

3. Maybe it be so that I am available for the shift in consciousness

4. How can I more easily accept change

The Astrology Wizard Wand

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