So here we are… on the other side of a profound passage through the dark corridors of May, June & July. We are starting to walk out of the dark, out of the black and back into the Light. This period has been an opportunity for us to transform beyond dualities – beyond winter and summer; beyond high and low, male and female. It has been a time where we’ve been given an opportunity to allow the Light to break deeply into the psyche and shine on all that we haven’t truly allow to be transformed. We hope that you’ve been able to make full use of this period as a transformative matter in truth. It is time to start to move forward now with renewed vision, passion and energy for all that we have before us.

*We remind everyone with the wonderful Hermetic Year Wand Set, to begin to hold the July Wand and use it to help you transition and align to what lay ahead now.

July – Out Of The Black

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared…
Liberation! Within the July Energy is the resolution where we have dared to allow the Light to penetrate the crevices of ‘me’ against ‘you’, of him against her, of black against white, dry against wet, in against out, up against down. This cosmic display is a polarised current of opposites. To merely be beaten around in that whirlpool, with Divine Intervention, could see one lost forever. The July Hermetic Year Energy resolves to hold the Alchymeic Intention to have these doorways closed forever. That we may stand free and be alive as Divine Conduit. Where the horizontal line opens, all the chakras along that line flower and the horizontal line ignites and where we awaken beyond the cross of mortal existence.

Recommended Alchymeic Energies For July:
– Behold I make everything new – Disc
– Out of the Black – Disc
– High Kingdom – Disc/Vial
– Snow Virgin – Disc/Vial
– Divine Enters the World through Water – Disc


A reminder of what the passage through MAY / JUNE / JULY has been all about…

Dissolving Dualities – Walking dark corridors of separation. The end of the Age of Darkness.

This is a pinnacle point within the Hermetic Calendar year. A point where the deepening of the Hermetic Process begins to be accessed. We call this period, ‘the period of dissolving dualities’. The conversion from one principle to another. The inspection of dissolving separation until at last, all dualities, all subject/object, all linear thought resolves in the awakening to the principle of non-separation, non-differentiation, free at last in the Bliss of the Eternal Domain.

The Hermetic Process, this journey of awakening will continue for years to stablise – the deep layering of the knot of ‘I’ can only be revealed over time. A spontaneous awakening is rare and usually is sychronistic with the birth of a fully realized sage or adept, born purely for the sake of awakening others. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, it is a journey of discovery, of being released, like an onion peel, layering after layering.

Over the coming months, we work to dissolve all duality through the Hermetic Touch. We dissolve the differential between the upper coil (northern hemisphere – summer solstice), and lower coil (the southern hemisphere – winter solstice) – drawing us beyond the conventions of the worldly polarity, allowing a great realisation that transcends all such differences.