On occasion, and hopefully more frequently soon, we would like to bring you a feature story from a special group or Heart Of Space from around the world. There are many many people worldwide who are using the energies in group situations, witnessing and enjoying the benefits of The Hearts Of Space. Here is a spotlight story in Israel that was run a while ago that we would like to re-feature.

Israel – (or Darkness At Noon)

This month our spotlight is focused on Israel (which is known in the Hermetic work as ‘Darkness At Noon’). Since a fundraiser was held to place a Saturn Bubbler there several years ago, there has been a gradual gathering of people and interest in the Hermetic work.

Several people came together to help complete this Heart Of Space with a Fractaliser and a Traveling Bubbler. Then in addition to this, a Qualitative Evolution Bubbler was donated several years later.

“How can I begin to describe the wonder and delight of having the honour of holding a Heart of Space in this troubled area of the world? The strangest thing is that you can actually get used to living in this energy.

Seeing other people’s reaction to just seeing these wonderful energies in material form reminds me of the wonderful set of synchronicities that brought me unknowingly to the exhibition in London and the Heart of Space to my home”. — Judy Grannet

At present the situation between Israel and Palestine is one that needs our constant prayer and support. Over the years we have held conference calls with willing groups of Hermes friends, from many countries, together with the folk in Darkness At Noon, as a support in psychic clearing and grounding the Bubbler energies. It was a real gift to be able feel and support them in this way — to witness both Bubblers and feel what they are having to hold.

Here is a statement from another friend who lives near the Heart Of Space and who has been experiencing the difficulty in their country first hand…

“In Israel, as you call here “Darkness at noon”, and in particular in the area that I live with, is a war. My city has absorbed many bombs, and with a lot of luck and miracles nobody seriously injured. In the other cities which is situated few southern to me there are injured people.” — Liat Samelson

The Heart Of Space (with the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler) is located in an area east of Tel Aviv. The Saturn Bubbler is slightly north of Tel Aviv. Even though they have not been as directly in the line of fire as other places, it is a constant energetic that they have to feel and suffer.

“…I’m feeling into it as a low frequency energy that is very hard to work with, even from afar. Maybe some Stargate Box or any thing else would help?…” — Judy Grannet

Recently, Judy held a gathering at her home around the Heart Of Space energies. Having so many people together was a first and the response was one of gratitude and recognition.

“Holding a long overdue “Heart of Space” gathering in my home demonstrated just how special these energies are. Eight people came, some who were familiar with these energies and some who had never experienced them. Everyone, with no exception, was completely blown away and the whole space was charged with wonderful nurturing energy. Most of the first timers felt a lot of pressure in the head area. The only thing that I would have changed is that I would have liked to completely “sail away” on the energies and not have to be in charge! I will definitely have another gathering very soon!

Just another interesting fact that we have noticed recently – We have a serious drought situation here again (one of the things defined for healing on the Saturn Bubbler). Proper winter rain has finally arrived and guess where the most rain fell in the country? Here, in our area! This is not a normal occurrence…

I am eternally grateful for everyone who has made having a Heart of Space in Darkness at Noon possible. We all hope and pray that these energies continue to be a source of pure light in this area and that this light will continue to expand and bring healing and peace to the Middle East and to the whole world.” — Judy Grannet

The Unity Consciousness of people gathering in such places, with the focus to purify and transform their circumstance, is a very potent and powerful intention. It is the absolute intention of setting up Hearts Of Space – to create this sanctuary for people all over the world. To experience the space beyond the stress and pressures we are always facing is the prayer. May it be so…

“Hi everyone. The meeting at Judy’s house including drinking waters and meditating for peace was powerful and amazing. It seems to me that the water was already empowered just from being around the Heart of Space and that together with everyone’s energy created a magical, empowered space. Thank you and everyone for the beauty of your work and for the delight your creations give us.” — Liat Samelson

It is our heart’s desire to continue support all of our friends in Darkness At Noon and the expansion of this Hermetic current in these important places. Please join us in holding the prayer for real healing and transformation in this part of the world. We will let you know as things progress.

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