Hello friends. Welcome to our January Hermetic Astrology Report. Astrology, in its purest form using the Alchymeic Energies for karmic transformation, unravels the cosmic blueprint etched upon our individual blueprint. Within this paradigm, the planets and constellations weave their influence upon us, echoing the symphony of the inner and outer realms.

Consider this: the brain-mind, an unextended form, mirrors the vastness of the cosmos, the extended form. The interplay between these realms becomes the canvas upon which astrology unfolds, revealing the intricate dance of energies shaping our lives.

We must not ultimately view astrology merely as predetermined destinies etched among the stars. Instead, it beckons us to recognise the intertwining relationship between our inner psyche and the cosmic influences and helps us align to our Divine Destiny, which is the ultimate transcendence of all born karmic destinies. Just as Hermes Trismegistus imparted, “As above, so below,” astrology simply reflects, or underscores the interconnectedness where our internal patterns reflect in the cosmic design. Therefore in this journey, the essence lies not in succumbing to fate and being a victim to what is written in the stars, but in ultimately transcending it through our ultimate surrender beyond all karmic patterns. The noblest pursuit of astrology delves deeper, seeking to dissolve the scripted destinies imprinted in the stars. It champions the understanding that our psyche is the engine propelling destiny, and the stars merely reflect its four-dimensional tapestry.

As we navigate the energies of January, let us embrace astrology as a guiding compass, a tool for transcending the patterns woven in the cosmic fabric. It calls us to harness our inner power, to shape our destinies, and to transcend the cosmic imprints scripted in the stars.

. . . . . . . .

Here are some key moments and energies for you to consider and align yourself to. Make sure you are working with your Astrology Wizard Wand Energy as you read this. Just holding the Wand Energy as you contemplate how all of this relates to you can bring about real transformation and change. So go grab your Astrology Wizard Wand.

January 1 – Mercury Direct:
Mercury emerges from its retrograde phase, paving the way for clearer communication and resolution of conflicts. As the planet of expression, this transition allows greater ease in articulating emotions and making decisions. What once seemed obscured will now come into the light. This period marks an opportunity to tune into subtle cues from within, uncovering messages deep within our souls.

January 4 – Mars enters Capricorn:
Mars steps into Capricorn, infusing us with discipline and determination for accomplishment. This energy supports the creation of enduring goals. Embrace this vigor to initiate commitments, as it will serve to bolster your resolve. Pay attention to the subtler frequencies, providing hints about themes that may emerge during Mars’ journey through Capricorn and Aquarius.

January 11 – Capricorn New Moon:
The New Moon in Capricorn invites intentions for the year ahead. Pluto’s strong influence during this phase augments the energies, facilitating transformative waves that allow us to release the remnants of 2023 and embrace the fresh energies of 2024.

January 20 – Pluto Enters Aquarius:
Pluto’s shift into Aquarius heralds a new era. In the forthcoming years, this transition will steer us deeper into the digital age, influencing technology’s role in our lives. With an emphasis on balance, transparency, and decentralization, there may arise power struggles, yet it prompts us to become better humanitarians and contemplate the collective well-being.

January 20 – Aquarius Season Begins:
The Sun aligns with Pluto in Aquarius, igniting innovative energies. This phase celebrates individuality and innovation, providing a surge of vitality. The transition from Capricorn to Aquarius may bring a sense of mental clarity and a lighter outlook.

January 23 – Venus enters Capricorn:
Venus, entering grounded Capricorn, urges a pragmatic approach to relationships. It calls for reflection on how our relationships serve us and vice versa. Establishing boundaries becomes crucial during this phase.

January 25 – Leo Full Moon:
The vibrant Leo Full Moon illuminates the cosmic sky with inspirational and creative energies. It serves as a catalyst for fun-filled activities and releases anything hindering joy. Embrace this lunar energy to cultivate joy and make space for renewed enthusiasm in 2024.

January 26 – Uranus Direct:
Uranus’ direct station signifies a surge in forward momentum, as major planets move without retrograde influence. This energy encourages leaps of faith and initiates new projects, marking a dynamic start to 2024.

January 27 – Mercury Conjunct Mars:
Mercury and Mars realign, providing a fresh perspective or resolution to past conflicts from late December 2023. This conjunction offers a chance to re-examine tense situations from a new standpoint.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

The astrology wizard refers to the influence of the planets and constellations upon an individual. The brain-mind is the unextended form, the world at large (the cosmos) is the extended form. The extended form is a reflection of the unextended form. Astrology reveals a map of the influence of the cosmos upon any given individual based on the unique circumstance of their birth.

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