JANUARY – The Transitional Phase

Within January there is a period given as a feeling of ‘suspension’ between the in-breath and the out-breath – between the beginning of the calendars of the east and west. It is a transitional period between the end of one year and the beginning of the next. It is a period in which we release all that has gone before, as we rest suspended, waiting for the new steps forward to begin. This period allows a deep silence and awakening to Witness Consciousness – the inspection and release of old patterning and adaptation to new actions. We are given a time for this to be made real and realised, not at a muscular level, but at the level of Conscious Inspection. During this period the Alchymeic Energies Real Observation and Transitioning are utilised to support this awakening.

For those just beginning this emergence on the Alchymeic journey, January is a perfect time for us to start to contemplate what the ‘penetration of the habitual patterning’ actually means. What are the patterns and habits that have held us within the mechanism of mortal identification and can we see that the basis of all these limited ways has been fear? We can begin to allow a conscious ‘death’ during this period – “learning how to live is first learning how to die’. The gift of this contemplation is true during this month – the dying of separative self – signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. This transitional phase is the foundation upon which we must build the coming year. It’s being courageous enough to observe our own actions, to begin to allow these old ways to release and to start to move differently on the basis of that observation. (Hence Transitionings is a perfect Alchymeic current that allows new movement, new steps to be taken beyond the fear and awakening to the Heart Of Love – an evolutionary possibility of every human form).

January is our time for re-establishing our foundation and practice of a Conscious Life. All of our work in January is about re-establishing our foundation – our basic daily practice of energy work and realigning our attention to the ‘bigger picture’ of what is before us in the coming year. If you don’t have a practice of using the Alchymeic Energies on a daily basis, then this is the perfect opportunity to start. Consider what a daily practice of energy work might look like in your life. It would also be beneficial to speak to one of our Hermetic representatives who can support you in understanding how the Alchymie can support you.

Within The Alchymie Of Creating the January Current,
A Divine Vision Appeared…

This January Energy holds the Alchymeic intention for a period of transitioning, an adaptation process of awakening – the ignition to the ‘Wisdom of Understanding’. We are beginning our journey of Awakening and Remembrance. January is a transitional period of letting go of the past – that which is the old overcoats, the armour, the identification to the death inherent as the Separative Self. The Initiatory current sparking the remembering, can now be witnessed during this period. It is a time of awakening, remembering, stopping, breathing, conducting and learning to let go, so that we can begin again. In spiritual terms this is awakening beyond the first three stages of life into a real, mature spiritual process. It is the awakening of the intuition that we know is Eternal, undeniable and unspeakable. This is the beginning of a transitioning journey – a new portal opens – from the death of mortal identification to the beginning of Real Awakening of Intuitive Gnosis – starting to trust your intuition.


Additional Alchymeic Energies for January

These Energies are recommended to help us loosen the energy along the frontal line, or the frontal persona – the one we have adapted to be under the duress of this born condition. They are about helping us to come alive as Energy, not merely a solid contracted form.

– Jackdaw of Hours and Jackdaw of Dreams – Wand/Vial – Archangel Azrael and Uriel – Wand/Vial
– Transitionings – Wand/Vial
– Real Observation Wand/Vial
– Chakra Energies – Wand/Pendant – Concoction 1431 – Wand
– Big Toe In The Water – Disc

– Dolphins Under Orion
– The Risen Light
– Archangel Azrael Pendant – Archangel Uriel Pendant

Energy House:
– The Bright Room Energy House

– Marque 1 Spacer (with Fred Discs)

– 1st Threshold Pack
– Saturn bubbler

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Initial Phase Energies

This list of Alchymeic Energies are the fundamental initial phase Energies which are recommended for all who are just beginning this journey of transformation. Many of you may have collected these over the years, so go and find them again and start your own process of engagement throughout January – re-establishing your basic practice of psychic clearing, breath and restoration. If you are missing some of these, it would be a good idea to consider purchasing them so you have the basics upon which you can build your daily practice.

Pop-Up Story Book                    Junkie Atheist                      On The Losing End
Fantasia                                     Open Road Open Sky          Looking Glass War
Thru A Glass Darkly                   Open Sesame                      I’m Not The Only One
Full Head Of Steam                   After The White Rabbit         Boxes of Doors
Wrong Thinking Harry               Defending The Suffering       Dreamers Within the Dream
God Don’t Want The Soul

Quantum Vacuum                       Nuclear Tracker                     No Law For Negativity
Don’t Fence Me In                       Lifestream                              3 Finger Duomo Fire
Sonic Hedgehog                          Facilitator                               Kriya Yoga
Transitioning                               Arranging 11 – Cosmic & A-Cosmic Intelligence

Psychic Clearing                          Fractal Earth                           Touching Light

At Least one of the Ball Pendants:
(Dolphin, Maha, Touching Light, Sweet Point, Talisman or Golden Ball Manifestation)

Bright Room Energy House:
+ Additional BR House Vials

Elan Vital Book
Stargate Box
Clearing Spray Bottles

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