We are very excited to offer our first Psychic Wellbeing Course! This 4 week experience will be focusing on the fundamentals of what it takes us to be ‘psychically strong’ at these important times, and learning to utilise the incredible Alchymeic Energies of the ‘Psychic Clearing Collection’.


Dates: Start Tuesday 27th Nov – USA (Wednesday AUS)
Cost: $297AUD (includes Psychic Clearing Collection)


(*For those who have Psychic Clearing Collection, please contact us for special price)



*If You already have the Psychic Clearing Collection,
you can participate for only $100! ($25 per week!).

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Course Outline

This 4-week webinar course is aimed at educating about all matters of ‘energy’, strengthening all levels psychically, and granting all involved with a profound sense of well-being via the group consciousness and use of the Alchymeic Energies. (This course involves the use of the powerful Psychic Clearing Collection of Alchymeic Energies).

Week 1 – Awakening To ‘Life as Energy’ – everything is Energy!
 What is Psychic Wellbeing?
 What is Alchymie & how it can help us daily?

Week 2 – Learning to be responsible for ourselves as energy. Conductivity – Breath – ‘Whole-body’ Enlightenment

Week 3 – What do you do with your energy? How to transform the world

Week 4 – The Daily Practice Of Alchymie- Bringing it all together!

Why Is Psychic Wellbeing So Important?

In addition to the physical levels of support we need like yoga, exercise, detox, and a healthy diet, there is an equally important practice we all need to engage – psychic clearing!

We are all alive as energy – in fact, everything is energy only! Therefore, every day, everything we do is a form of energetic communication. All the people we meet and the places we go are ‘communicating’ to us, as we are to them. Unfortunately, we are often encountering many negative vibes in the form of moods and emotions such as fear, sorrow, and anger. (We can even pick up subtle energies from our environment that have been left behind by the people who were there before us…). As these subtle energy communications build up in our aura, we become weighed down by the ‘psychic toxicity’, which in turn can affect our overall wellbeing. It is, therefore, an important part of life these days to be able to clear and release these energies we pick up, and over time, learn how to remain psychically clear.

‘Universal Hermetic Energy Field’

The Power Of The Worldwide Alchymie Presence…

People ask, why is working with Hermes Far Eastern Shining so different to everything else on offer, and why are the Alchymeic Energies so powerful? Hermes has spent the last 30 years establishing what is called the ‘Heart Of Space’ presence worldwide, by placing powerful Alchymeic artifacts in many countries, that shine with ‘Divine Presence’ to help shift the Consciousness all over the world. These artifacts also draw on sacred geometry and create what is called a ‘Universal Hermetic Field’ of energy – altogether forming the Worldwide Alchymie Presence. When we run events like webinars and courses, we are able to draw upon the energy of this Alchymeic presence, which amplifies the total energy of what we are focusing on. To read more about the Heart Of Space movement and the ‘Universal Hermetic Field’, please visit this page for more details>