Welcome to June where things start to really slow down with more planetary retrogrades and we continue our journey through eclipse season. Also, a notable cosmic event for June is the arrival of the second Saturn square Uranus. This is a key astrological theme that we are working with all through 2021… however its energy kicks into high gear this month..

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Venus in Cancer

Venus moves into watery, intuitive Cancer. With Venus in Cancer, we are more sensitive and connected to our true feelings. Our feelings can be our compass – make peace with what comes up and try your best to follow the feelings that are most supportive.

June 10- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses typically come in pairs, so this is the second and final Eclipse of the Season. This Eclipse opens a doorway to a new and elevated state of consciousness. We may not be able to make sense of things just yet, but know that new opportunities are on the way. This is a time to really become a master of our mind and to shift into expansive, abundant thinking rather than limited or fear-based thinking. The power of the mind is key here.

June 11- Mars in Leo

Mars moves into fiery Leo. Mars loves being in this fire sign and will give us a passion for romance, fun, and adventure! This is a highly creative and very active energy. With all of this Eclipse energy creating a stir, we can tap into some of this Mars energy to receive a nice boost of motivation.

June 14- Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn Square Uranus is a major astrological energy we are working with all through the year. The first of these squares occurred on February 17, and now we have the second, however this time, Saturn is in Retrograde. This can change the energetic expression, and guide us to be more reflective and patient, rather than active. The final Saturn Uranus Square will take place on December 24.

Saturn represents authority figures, rules, boundaries, and traditional establishments. Uranus represents innovation, freedom, change, and escaping from our comfort zone.

When these two planets are square or form a 90-degree angle with each other, we get tension building between the two energies.

Saturn will want to control. Uranus will want to go with the flow. Saturn will want to impose boundaries and structure, Uranus will want complete freedom to roam wherever it pleases.

These two energy dynamics will clash, and we may see it manifesting as rebellion, revolution, change to traditional structures, controlling freedoms, or the breakdown of the old.

June 20- Jupiter Retrograde

Just before the Sun prepares to leave Gemini for Cancer, the largest planet in our solar system enters retrograde. This gives us a total of four major planets in retrograde including Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. We now have a collective theme in our cosmic skies of slowing down, pausing, and reflecting. During Jupiter’s retrograde, it will be magnifying the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, so we may notice themes around innovation and creativity

June 20/21- Sun enters Cancer/Solstice

The Sun “stands still” as we experience the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the official start of Summer or Winter, and also the official start of Cancer Season. On the Solstice, the veil between dimensions is said to grow thin, allowing us to access subtler energies with greater ease. This is a fantastic time to be out in nature and to ground using Mother Earth. The Sun moving into the watery sign of Cancer also brings increased sensitivity .

June 22- Mercury goes direct

Mercury goes direct after being retrograde since May 29. Mercury Retrograde is most powerful at its start and end dates, so keep practicing patience. Over the coming weeks, greater clarity will return. If you have been dealing with mishaps, miscommunications, or technical glitches, the answers and solutions should be easier to find.

June 24- Super Full Moon in Capricorn

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is a mixed bag of energy. While it is not as intense as the Eclipses we have been working with, our energy may feel a little scattered and we may find that we are still struggling to digest all that has transpired over the last few weeks. Use this earthy Capricorn energy to ground .

June 25- Neptune Retrograde

Neptune now enters its annual retrograde, returning us to having four planets in retrograde. Neptune is all about illusion, peeling back the veil, and delving into higher realms of understanding. When it enters retrograde, we may feel ourselves breaking down illusions of the past or finding our intuition more active. This is a subtle energy but with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto also in retrograde, we will definitely feel things slowing down.

June 26- Venus enters Leo

Venus leaves watery Cancer and enters the fire sign of Leo. This is a powerful energy reminding us to own and embrace all of who we are. Also, watch this space as Venus is about to make a rare alignment with its cosmic lover, Mars next month!

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