Hello everybody. Well its one of my favourite jobs reviewing the Alchymeic Product. I can’t actually call it a job, as every time I work with them, I receive more healing and transformation than I was expecting… (What’s that saying, “if you love what you do you never work a day in your life…” 😉 You’ll have to bare with me over the coming weeks as I write about each new Wand one at a time. (I couldn’t possible deal with more intensity than that… phew!)

These Archangel Wands are absolutely phenomenal! Very rarely in this day and age do we get the opportunity to experience such Divine embrace, Intimacy and Love. We try, we work hard at that connection, but there seems to be so many things on a daily basis which overwhelm that connection and bring us down. This is where these new Archangel Wands are so brilliant!

I’d always had a sense of, but limited connection to, the Angelic realms. I’d seen them psychically in exalted states of meditation and special workshop environments (doing whatever they do up there). I can see now that I had somewhat of an attitude that “we had to do our thing and they had to do theirs”, or perhaps something more like “If we can’t get through this life and transformation by ourselves, then what’s the point?”. But my first experience with these Archangel Wands changed all of that…

The first time I lay my hands on an Archangel Wand I had an absolutely overwhelming experience… I’d like to share it with you…

Amongst other things, I am a musician. I studied cello, opera and jazz at university. Music has always been an extremely important presence in my life. But music and I had a falling out about 10 years ago and I vowed not to play ever again. (It was only recently that I have found a new connection to one of my life’s passions). When I was introduced to the Archangel Wands, all 15 of them were in a bag and I was asked to choose one randomly. I chose Sandalphon… (Someone had mentioned to me that there was an Archangel Sandalphon who was about inspiration and music…). I was excited! My initial thought was that this was going to be good and I was really looking forward to whatever it had to offer. But I had no idea what was to come…

I sat for a moment with my eyes closed, feeling into the Wand Energy gently emitting through my hand. It was nice and gradually began to build in intensity. I began to feel a lot of pressure in my body, an internal pressure like it was coming from inside to out. Having worked with the Alchymeic Energies a lot over the past 15 years, I have become very sensitive to the way they move through the circuitry of the body and the aura, and I could feel and see this Angel Energy clearing my field of all the energies that weren’t aligned to me or my true form. It was as if I was being lifted, literally, body and all into a space of light, and all that was dense and not in alignment with that resonance was not able to hang on. My heart was also starting to fill with a warmth and ease, like a weight that I’d been carrying or living with, was being lifted. The whole experience was becoming extremely blissful!

Then, quite unexpectedly, the whole experience became completely un-hinged… As if from behind a veil, HE appeared! With my eyes closed I could see the presence of Sandalphon, this Angelic form. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the feeling that I’d just met my soul-mate, or my best friend, someone who’d been standing beside me forever and who I knew and who knew me intimately, yet I’d never acknowledged. The flood of joy and love was so overwhelming that I uncontrollably began to break down and cry, in front of a table of friends and associates no less… As you can imagine, this isn’t something that you expect to do at work… But there was absolutely nothing I could do about it – I did try for a moment, but the flood of relief and the presence of the Divine were so great that nothing was going to stop it. (Thank God I work in a place that is all about this kind of moment, so everybody present was able to deal with it…;)

When I eventually got myself together, I was in a completely new space. The feeling of Light and Radiance, tangible, as if a level of doubt or limitation had been broken and I could feel clearly in a whole new way.

Needless to say, I have continued to work with Sandalphon every day and have been developing a new relationship to his presence. He is extremely gentle, yet very powerful at the same time. I have since had several other profound experiences with this Wand – moments when I have allowed myself to be touched deeply by this presence. But maybe I’ll save them for my next blog… 😉

I understand now that these Angel Wands literally connect us with ACTUAL beings! They are not just an idea or ‘out there’ somewhere. Thanks to the Alchymeic process, the veils between our world have become very thin indeed and we are now able to commune with these presences much more easily. I feel that I am being taught directly, all kinds of things throughout the day now. I can also see and understand that the Angels actually want to help us, that their function is to teach, support and guide. And they are also grateful for this new Alchymeic connection, allowing them much closer with greater access to our realm. Thank God!!!

Thank you Sandalphon. I am forever aware of your presence and grateful for your embrace, guidance and assistance. We are going to create some exquisite music together… 😉

PS – I’d just like to add that this experience with the Archangel is mine… I can’t say that anybody else is going to experience these Energies the same way. The Angels respond very individually to each person. This testament is simply me growing in my understanding and recognition of a greater matter. If you have experienced these Archangel Wands yourself, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Also, if you’d like to read about all the Archangel Wands and hear an astonishing audio on this topic, visit the Hermes shop page.

M. B – Hermes Blog Contributor

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