We are truly inspired to share with you all of the wonderful outpouring of new literature to support your journey of discovery and awakening within the way of ‘Living Alchymie. This project has been years in the planning and we can’t wait for you to discover some of the absolute treasure that are now ready to fly to the world.

Among them are some very special publications like ‘Conversations With The Alchymist’, a series of small companion books full of ecstatic communcations and inspring insight captured from years of formal and informal moments with Jessa O’My Heart, The Alchymist.

Conversations With The Alchymist

– $25aud each
– $100aud set of 5

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of “Conversations With The Alchymist” – a remarkable series of small 30-page books containing sacred transcriptions from enlightening discussions with Jessa O’My Heart, The Alchymist of Hermes. For years, this profound wisdom teaching has been held as sacred history, accessible only to a select few.

Now, the veil is lifted, and these timeless conversations are being made available to the public for the first time. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the transformative insights of Jessa O’My Heart as he delves into the depths of esoteric knowledge, spirituality, and the mysteries of existence.

An excerpt from one of the conversations With Jessa:

Question to Jessa: How do you do ‘abiding’? Because you said can’t do abiding….”

Jessa: “…That’s right, you can’t do abiding… (Jessa laughs knowingly)… Isn’t that a pity (haha). You know step 1 do this, step 2… (everyone laughs again). Living from the point of view of the mind is living as the knower, as the actor, as the doer. However, there is no such thing as the knower, the actor and the doer. They are just aspects that you believe are the case about yourself. But in fact they are not true. You are, as the apparent actor, doer and knower, emotionally dissociated from life. As that emotional dissociation yes sure you want to know how you do it to achieve all these wonderful things that the Realised Individual can enjoy, as that enjoyment, you see. But from the point of view of the so-called actor, knower and doer, you are humourless, a mortally serious character. But that character is a mere convention of forms…”

The Bird Song Book

Lilas, stories and Signs from The ALchymist 

– $35aud

*LIMITED RELEASE – only 30 copies available

‘The Secret Language Of Birds’

Birds have been a significant part of the history of the Alchymie, inspiring many Alchymeic Energies. In addition, the Alchymist has demonstrated his enlightened form as he continued to communicate eternally, beyond the physical body, with instruction and holding of the sacred esoteric work. Many extraordinary communications, signs and messages have been recorded over the years since his physical passing.

Beautifully illustrated by a local artist with hand painted images, as well as photography of Australian native birds local to the region where the Alchymie has been created, the ‘Bird Song Book’ is a stunning addition to the overflowing of creation current literature being released. It tells many intimate stories of Jessa’s life as well as the confession of signs given from Jessa to Showme – the gift of this Living Eternal Alchymie. 

*This book is a limited edition release. Only 30 copies available!

The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love

– $250aud hard cover
– $150aud soft cover

The contents of this book have been gathered from formal and informal writings; articles, statements, dictations, conversations with, and poetry by the author known as Jessa O’My Heart, during the years 1996 – 2008. The author refers to them as ‘Scraps’ or ‘Scribbles’. Those of us who love and recognise the author’s ecstatic understanding of the nature of existence have gathered and presented his writings here, in the form of this publication, for the enjoyment of those who read with an open mind and heart, in the hope that they are found to be inspiring and illuminating.

To the reader, from the author:
I do not write for any common reader;
I write for the God that lives us all.
Everyone is considered, but in the end,
I am writing for the God that lives as everyone.
This God comprehends all.
The common reader does not exist:
There is no such being.
All articles, so called, are Divine inspiration.

Jessa O’My Heart


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