It is written in the stars that all of us, as a collective, are preparing to end a karmic cycle we have been working through for lifetimes.

As we close and wrap up this karmic cycle on a collective level, we can expect to see the energies turning a laser beam focus to the things we need to resolve and let go of once and for all. Just like the plane slows down before it arrives, we too may find ourselves slowing down this month due to the influence of Mars Retrograde.

Mars has been retrograde since September, however on October 13, Mercury will join Mars, adding to the slow-down effect we may feel. Along with Mercury being in retrograde, October also brings us two Full Moons- an Aries Full Moon on the 1st and a Taurus Full Moon on the 31st. 

These are the last Full Moons we will experience before we head into the final Eclipse Season of the year come November. 

October also brings the Arcturus portal, a day when the Sun and the high vibing star Arcturus align. This powerful alignment will add a little extra magic to the month, heightening the energies of the Libra Super New Moon, and gearing us up for the always potent Scorpio Season. 

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October 1: Full Moon in Aries

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so we are going to feel the red planet vibrations strongly. On this Full Moon, we may feel fired up about something or maybe just agitated in general. Whatever emotions you are feeling, be sure you allow them to come to the surface so you can release them once and for all. This is strong energy for releasing and purging, especially on a collective level.

As the October 1st Full Moon falls in Mars’ ruling sign of Aries, it is going to activate the Mars Retrograde which is currently in operation.

It is also going to activate the Mars Saturn Square and the energy of Pluto, which will leave retrograde a few days after the Full Moon peaks on October 4th.


October 3: Mars Conjunct Eris

Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Strife. She is a pioneer for standing up for her rights and claiming back her power. Both Mars and Eris can be a volatile combination, so be mindful of lashing out or doing something you may regret later. On a collective level, we may see this energy manifest as a need to stand up for our rights and what we believe in.


October 4: Pluto Direct

Pluto has been retrograde since April 24, 2020 but now it has stationed direct. We may be drawn to revisit events that were happening back in April. We may also notice Pluto highlighting some information that needs to come into the collective consciousness.


October 6: Mars Closest to Earth

Mars makes its closest approach to Earth, this again will amplify the energy of the red planet. Mars can bring heightened tension but also heightened passion. This can also bring extreme weather patterns, especially heatwaves and fires.


October 9: Mars Square Pluto 

This is the second of three Mars-Pluto Squares. This is a time where we may see power struggles or abuse of power on the world stage. There may be an increased need for people to step up and claim their power back. If you are feeling oppressed in any area of your life, this alignment may also be a trigger.


October 13: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury enters retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. The answers we seek are not so clearly seen in the outside world, which means we have to go within and listen to our own inner voice. Mercury stations direct on November 3, which also happens to be election day in the USA. This can increase the likelihood of confusion and delays surrounding the election.


October 16: Libra Super New Moon

This is the closest Super New Moon of the year. Falling in the sign of Libra, this New Moon calls for us to focus on balance. We may have to get creative and think of new ways to approach our lives and the changes that have greeted us. There is no going back to the way things were, so we have to start innovating and thinking about how to move forward. This New Moon is linked to the April 7 Full Moon.


October 17: Sun and Arcturus

Still under the influence of the New Moon we have our Sun aligning with the star Arcturus. Arcturus is believed to be home to highly intelligent beings of higher consciousness. On this day, we can channel the amazing healing blue energy of Arcturus. This blue energy can lift our hearts, increase our intuition, and remind us of our connection to each other and to the entire cosmos.


October 22: Scorpio Season

We leave the air sign of Libra and enter into the water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Season is considered a point of rebirth on the zodiac wheel. We are shedding our skin and allowing ourselves to be reborn as we make our way through the final seasons of the astrological wheel.


October 31: Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus

It’s Halloween and we have a Full Moon! As this is the second Full Moon of the month, it is referred to as a Blue Moon. We have all heard the saying- once in a Blue Moon- and that’s because they are super rare! This Blue Moon will heighten the spiritual energies already present at this time of year. We will feel more connected to higher realms, and more in touch with our intuition and psychic abilities. There is also some turbulent energy around this Full Moon. As Uranus, the planet of surprise, is active at this time, we may receive some shocking or eye-opening information.