”Welcome to October Hermetic Year Astrology Report. What a journey this year has been thus far – for all of us at a personal ‘micro’ level, all the way up to the planetary ‘macro’ level!

In general, the astrology for October represents a massive opportunity to continue to break into new levels of growth and adaptation – a greater spiritual evolution. But there will be layers and old aspects of our being that we all need to come face to face with in order to really make the leaps and bounds that are available to us at this time. 

The big thing that we as Hermetic Astrologers perceive happening here within October Astrology, is that Pluto is going direct after 5 mths retrograde. Because of its position at the outer rim of our Solar System, Pluto going direct is like connecting with something greater, that which is ‘outside’ the usual cosmology of our daily existence – like going beyond the paradigm of the old and shifting awareness to the bigger picture again. This is a really good thing and obviously perfect timing for humanity at this time of great change. You may begin to feel a stirring intuitive pulse and readiness to move upwards to towards our greater possibility.

The trick here is that as we move forward again towards that intuitive connection, we may feel as if we are hitting up against what feels like an asteroid belt of old unconscious habits and limitations… And this may not only be our own – but also the collective ‘unconscious’ of the world at large. We are now a ‘whole unified community’ of beings struggling to get through these limitations together. So the challenge here is that you are going to have to witness and see these things in order to move forward again – you are going to have to turn and face that walk forward. There is the energy to do this, and you will need to really trust your intuition and feeling of that deep connection to ‘something greater’ in order to get through. Focus on the Divine is the key – keep your eye on the Light, and don’t stop moving forward and upwards – no matter what arrises. Don’t let anything throw you backwards into old patterns and limitations. Now is the time for us to crack through the glass ceiling we’ve never quite been able to crack through. And remember, we are doing it together! You aren’t alone… Feel all of your fellow beings of Light awakening together at this time all over the world. What you do IS making the difference!

October Hermetic Astrology Report ‘Specifics’:

Here are some ‘specific’ details for you to consider and feel into. Remember at all time that it is HIGHLY recommended you utilise the amazing Alchymeic Energy The Astrology Wizard Wand whilst contemplating Astrology. Without the support of this Energy, reading astrology would simply be a matter of reading our ‘karmic history’ and limited potential in any given moment – nothing truly transformative. So we urge all those interested in this level of transformation to engage the Astrology Wizard Wand

October 1st: Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn Venus describes how we express our affection for others, as well as things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. This may be challenged this month with the Square to Pluto. A well-balanced relationship will withstand the intensity of this transit. In this case, there would still be some kind of transformation undertaken within the dynamics of the relationship.

October 3rd: PLUTO AGAIN DIRECT IN CAPRICORN – Pluto turned retrograde on April, 24th, showing us that a deep inner transformation is necessary, to find our place in society. Now, we must show what we learned in these five months, projecting a better public image. retrograde, we were more inclined to turn inward and bury our deepest truths and wishes. So Pluto Direct is the pretty much a green light to go ahead and confront the darkest parts of ourselves and others.

This isn’t a negative thing, but rather it’s a way of bringing truth out into the light so it can be dealt with. This works as a catalyst on both personal and planetary levels, so we can all expect Pluto’s powers to transform our lives in one way or another now.

If you’ve been reassessing relationships or other areas of your life during Pluto Retrograde, it’s now time to stop thinking about making those changes and truly take action. Be honest with yourself and others, and move forward from the dark to the light. Recommended energy: The new Essenes Pack.

October 3rd: MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO – Mercury in Scorpio makes us a great observer, especially when it comes to emotions, desires and interpersonal relationships. Politeness is not among the qualities of this aspect, but sincerity is – sometimes, too much sincerity.

October 4th: MARS ENTERS LIBRA – There is more focus on relationships. We put much energy into marriage or business partnerships. What one can share with people becomes more important than what divides them.

October 7th: Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. Transiting Mercury opposite Uranus speeds up our day and our mind. The hectic pace may leave us feeling tense and scattered. There is also the possibility of a range of other unexpected happenings increasing our nervous anxiety. Any recent matters which we have overlooked or rushed may come back to bite us now. This is not a good time for making plans, negotiating business deals or attending to any mental tasks which require patience and self-discipline. A low concentration span and tendency to be easily distracted would only lead to complication in such areas. This is a better time to free our mind of responsibility and go with the flow. We  could make new discoveries, experience flashes of insight, or meet exciting new people who challenge our way of thinking. When socializing, it is important to take extra care to listen. Also, be aware of a tendency now to speak before thinking. It is important to keep an open mind because plans may need changing, or our travels interrupted. If starting a journey then double-check booking or get car serviced beforehand. We may also experience computer malfunction or other problems with electronics.

October 7th: Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. Our ego may suffer because it is so difficult to get your own way and reach our goals. We may feel restricted or weighed down by certain duties and responsibilities. This is a test of our character. We must strive to meet our responsibilities now or they will catch up with us in a bigger way down the track. We should not expect to feel light-hearted or in a happy mood because this a time of coming under pressure through time limits or other important duties at home, school or work. Our needs must be placed in the background to complete the given task. It is likely that we will come under pressure from whoever need the job done, which could be the boss, or some other kind of authority figure. We need to show patience, determination and a strong work ethic now. As mentioned above, avoiding responsibility at the moment will lead to serious complications at a later stage. Even though we may try to ignore the consequences, our subconscious or inner voice will remember and give us a very unsettled and worried feeling. The longer we procrastinate, the worse the problem will become.

October 8th: VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO – We tend to have an „all or nothing“ approach in relationships. This is a very passionate combination, but we must learn to overcome jealousy.

October 12th: Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. Financial windfalls are possible but we should be extra careful with money. There is a tendency to risk it all on suspect schemes or gamble it all away.

October 13th: FULL MOON IN ARIES – (Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries) – today, we can stop thinking too much before acting. Spontaneity is good and will help us to achieve our goals, as long as it doesn’t become something else: impulsivity. Recommended Alchymeic energy is Fractal Earth, Talisman pendant. Stand Firm wand.

October 14th: Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. A crisis or conflict with someone makes for an intense experience which can lead to extreme or destructive behaviour. Such challenges can force us into a corner where we have to either defend our position or make a major change. The intense experience will trigger deeply buried psychological issues involving fears or death or losing control, being abused, tortured or persecuted. These deeply rooted fears may even be past life related, or relate to more recent brushes with the dark side of life such as addiction, spiritual warfare. Once we gain consciousness of the reasons we feel so in need to be in control, we can evolve to a higher level and let things go, relax and feel less threatened. This transformation is like a rebirth and will leave us with a greater sense of inner power. We can then channel our
intensity into success through ambition and hard work. Recommended energies for this aspect are Arranging 242.

October 15th: Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces This aspect stimulates our creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality. While not such a good time for reading the fine print or studying factoids, our mind is ready to dream up fantasies or obscure theories. Our increased sensitivity to vibrational energy makes this a great time for working on anything involving harmonies, like poetry, music, and dance. Drama would also benefit from our closer interrelatedness with others or increased empathy. All of our communication skills benefit from a non-threatening, caring and soft influence. People will want to listen to us, especially in person because of a sensual type of attractiveness. All of our senses are finely tuned so we can communicate effectively at the nonverbal level, through gestures, eyes, and telepathically. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced and our intuition will be strong and accurate. This is a good time for reading about such subjects where we don’t have to remember endless facts and small details. This transit helps us see and feel the bigger picture, then convey it in attractive and simple terms to others. We can spread the word about abstract theories, politics or religion.

October 21st: Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. With this beautiful aspect we can put our hand to any creative projects under this influence. This transit especially favors singing but anything creative can lead to something beautiful. Our sense of compassion and wish to be of service to others is heightened. This would be a good time to join a charity or some other organization to help less fortunate people or endangered animals. This wish to help out may even lead to political activism, though not necessarily street protesting. We are more inclined to want to share through compassion, empathy and the like.

October 23rd: SUN ENTERS SCORPIOSun entering this sign ruled by Pluto announces the best time for

October 27th: MARS IN LIBRA SQUARE SATURN IN CAPRICORN – Authority figures and superiors may restrict our ambitions.

October 28th: NEW MOON IN SCORPIO (Sun conjunct Moon in Scorpio) – This heightens and intensifies our
our emotions and our drive.

October 28th: Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. Sun opposite Uranus transit brings unexpected and exciting encounters or events which shake up our world. Adapting to any changes requires extra effort, and any excitement may leave our nerves frayed. These unexpected and quite possibly unwanted changes can manifest in ourself, through a partner, or through an external event. Although initially upsetting and we may resist any change, it may offer a better way forward for us if we keep an open mind. We may anticipate something new on the horizon or feel nervous. Think about doing something out of the ordinary to satisfy our curiosity, otherwise, the electric and spontaneous energy may escape in a destructive way such as a minor accident. Odd behavior or a radical about-face in someone close to us may cause anxiety too. They may be looking for more personal freedom and any resistance or dominance from us would further encourage any rebelliousness. Arguments or separation may result from impatience or unwillingness to adapt.

October 30th: Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio Mercury and Venus in Scorpio wants deep connections through communication and intense physical and emotional intimacy. But the underbelly of Scorpio is deep fear, mistrust, sometimes paranoia. Overall this aspect gives us the opportunity to become conscious of our deepest fears. This time of year and especially with the Sun in Scorpio, the transformations are major and our Personal Pendant ad well as all the Alchymeic energies we have been given, is the perfect tool to align to the best possible outcome for our transformation.