Hermetic Year

The Hermetic year can be seen within Divine Vision as a ladder, a process of Ascension. It reveals a portal of movement forward and upwards that awakens one beyond the dream of this unconscious place, to be able to live as the Present Immortal – one who has allowed the death of separative-self and is alive whole bodily as Divine Radiance. Such a process awakens us from the dream of identification, differentiation and desire, (which is the born condition – one bound to the knot of separative self – ‘I’, alone, identified to it and differentiated from all – left to seeking, driven by desire to be released). Such a state is suffering and is the usual man. So this Hermetic process of adaptation is synonymous with the realisation of, and awakening to our True Condition. We begin to understand that there is actually no separation, no knot of ‘self’, and therefore no need to be released.

What we discover through this process, this Divine intervention, is that the knot of ‘I’ is simply an accumulation of patterning and habitual movements that has arisen out of the forgetting of our True Condition. But our True State is Prior Happiness – Infinite Consciousness and Reality Itself. The intuitive knowing that is inherent in each and every soul, held within the right side of the heart, flowers in this process of whole-bodily awakening. Guiding this process of awakening is the full intention and gift held within the Hermetic Year.

This passage of growth and remembrance is engaged on a month by month basis, invoking the ascension process, which is coincident with the Hermetic culture that has been established over the last 20 years.

Let the process of awakening begin!

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