Male, Female & Relationships

We are constantly in ‘relationship’ with all beings, at all times. Real relationship requires that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness. These Energies are an invitation to this new awakened Consciousness in our relationships.

Within the born condition in this cosmic display, we have forces of duality. This is inherently what the born identification with mortal form is about. We are born into this world as either male or female and these polarised opposites are karmically filled with the limitation of both dispositions. This memory is locked within our very DNA. The work of this collection of Energies is to begin to dissolve, transmute and resolve these polarised currents that have been in opposition for lifetimes.

Normally this cyclic pattern of opposition between male and female – the polarised currents of the Cosmic display – will continue unaddressed lifetime after lifetime. We are, by tendency, embedded in the suffering of what this dimension represents. It is a school of learning. But most people don’t get the lessons and they just continue to live out the destiny incarnating before them. So this intervention, this Alchymie, this Rod of Light begins to break in and allow all that has remained below Consciousness for lifetimes to be brought to the God Light. We start to awaken from this dream, and we being to allow the tendencies or patterns to receive conscious reflection. This awakening brings us to the witness disposition and to the enlightening way of life, where we are released from the pure polarity of display, into the awakening of the true male and female evolutionary possibility, which is the incorporation of both aspects.

As we awaken beyond identification with the born soul, we begin to incorporate the awakened aspects of the opposite polarity. Therefore, if we are female, we begin to incorporate male Penetrating Consciousness – if we are male we begin to awaken to the whole-body, alive as Real Feeling. So these two awakened dispositions are what the Alchymie is all about. All of these Polarised Energies are simply dealing with different aspects of those polarised currents being brought at last to resolution, so that they truly may no longer be bound to the suffering and the limited patterns of existence.

The good news about this pack is the resolution of being born either male or female, and simply awakening to the wholistic current of what is truly possible as real men and women who are no longer bound by the polarity of opposites, but incorporate both. So Be It!

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