Spider Clearing

This ‘place’ in which we find ourselves, in which we have our ‘being’, is given over to the worship of fear, rather than the commitment to Love. There is no doubt that over the last few thousand years the continued investment in being less that Love has degraded this ‘place’ to what we find today. In ordinary terms we see that this ‘place’ is structured in every defense and in every poisonous attack in the form of fear. The poisons of this world, usually some kind of liquid substance, can be regarded as distilled fear seeping into the bloodstreams of creatures everywhere. Beyond what can be seen in this ordinary sense, this ‘place’ often appears psychically as a vast spider web reaching every ‘being’ in some form.

The un-transformed human being, is host to a vast collection of fear communications, or the poison of these subtle spider energetics mentioned above. The poisons of these communications destroy the body at its most fragile energetic level which leads to the degradation of the body itself over time. The more fear the tighter the webs, the tighter the webs the more fear, and this positive feedback situation rapidly descends into a ‘hellish’ condition.

This collection of Alchymeic Energies is really the witness and penetration of the descent into the knot of separative self, to where all of these fear communications are held, deep within the psyche – lifetimes of not being responsible for the Light, and allowing ‘victim consciousness’ to take hold. It is the beginning of seeing and penetrating all of the layers of reflective reactions unique to each individual, formed in unique ways; hiding and hanging on, becoming fearful and defensive, having learnt those patterns over lifetimes. We begin to see and feel that the Dark Age was a period where the Heart was not allowed to exist freely – it was murdered, sliced and diced. It was a very difficult period to grow and flower as the Heart, virtually impossible. But that period has now ended as this ascending period into the Age of Light is upon us. This is a time where we celebrate the Heart, its flowering and awakening to love.

The Spider Energies are incredible Esoteric tools – a selection of powerful Alchymeic Clearing Energies, helping us to release the implication of having lived in a realm dedicated mostly to the communication of fear. This particular group of empowered Vials consists of some of the most profound and deeply penetrating currents that have ever been made available. They are created for a process of adaptation and transformation. Like stepping stones, they provide the foundation on which our passage is lit.

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