These days, practices like yoga, exercise, detox and a healthy diet are commonly understood to support our awakening as conscious human beings. In fact, the inclusion of a ‘practice’ is now commonly considered essential for our general wellbeing. Thanks to the internet and the interconnectedness of our world, we have easy access to a myriad of new and traditional ways to regain our fundamental vitality and strength. If we remain open we are sure to find the best ways to suit our lifestyle. The more we make these conscious lifestyle choices, the higher our vibration becomes and the more positivity and serendipity enters into our lives.

In addition to the physical levels of support granted with practice, there is an equally important practice we all need to engage – psychic clearing! This can also be understood as detoxifying our energy fields. We are all alive as energy – everything is energy only! Therefore, every day, everything we encounter and participate with is a form of energetic communication. All the people we meet and the places we go are ‘communicating’ to us, as we are to them. Unfortunately, in addition to all of the positive communication we come in contact with, we are also encountering many negative vibrations in the form of moods and emotions such as fear, sorrow and anger. We can even pick up subtle energies from our environments that have been left behind by the people who were there before us… and so it goes! As these subtle energy communications build up in our aura, we can become weighed down by the psychic toxicity, which in turn can affect our wellbeing. It is therefore an important part of our awakening process to be able to clear and release the subtle energies we pick up. Over time we learn how to remain psychically clear.

There are two particular terms associated with psychic clearing and the use of the Alchymie products that are very useful to understand. These should broaden your awareness at this time of deeper learning and awakening. We’d love to share these with you now:

‘Conductivity’ and ‘Life-force’:

You may have noticed sometimes that there is an inertia or weight associated with daily activities? For example, arriving home from work, or even from a simple excursion to the grocery store feeling drained and exhausted. However when we exercise, breathe consciously, meditate or even relax properly, we find we are recharged. Obviously we are engaging a different kind of energy in these moments than when we are just subject to the flow of the day-to-day. The conscious practice of receiving this universal energy and releasing toxicity is called ‘Conductivity of the Life-force’ and we can learn to do this throughout all our day-to-day activities and thus keep our energy field brighter.

Conductivity – We are alive as Energy! As humans we have hundreds of circuits of energy flowing throughout our auric fields and even our bodies all the time. These are what acupuncturists, massage therapists and healers work on when we receive treatments. Like electrical circuitry, these subtle circuits are how we ‘conduct’ the energy and they can become blocked or ‘toxified’.

Life-force – The ‘life-force’ is another name given to the ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ that we conduct through the circuitry of the body and our auras. Therefore, when we are ‘conducting’ energy, we are receiving the ‘force’ of ‘life’ and subsequently allowing more flow into our entire lives. We naturally conduct the life-force every moment of everyday – we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t. But our bodies and energy field are designed to be able to receive much more than we currently allow. Therefore, allowing more ‘life-force’ into our circuits, allows much more flow in general. When we learn to do this consciously we may start to feel different, noticing more free energy is available to us throughout our daily life.

Suggested Exercise for Conductivity of the Life-force Here is a simple exercise for ‘conductivity of the life-force’ that you can try throughout the day. Even just doing this for a minute several times in the middle of your day can help to create more space and generate more energy when you need it the most. This exercise is greatly enhances by the use of the Alchymie Wands.

  • Close your eyes. ‘Feel and observe’ your body, your emotions, your state in general. Notice the space around you – become aware.
  • Breathe deeply all the way down into your belly, (if it helps, rest your hands on your belly).
  • As you breathe in, visualise that you’re breathing in all the ‘good stuff, and as you breath out, visualise you are releasing all the ‘bad stuff’.
  • Then visualise ‘Radiant Light’ energy pouring in through the top of your auric field, down the spine, the arms and legs, then expanding out through your entire energy field. See all of the negativity, pressure and stress being released out through your feet, to dissolve in light.
  • Place your finger on your third eye (point between the eyebrows) to help focus and lift your attention. Feel your attention lifting to the light above.
  • Let go of all that you are holding on to.
  • You may discover certain points of tension in the body or the major energy centres – the head, the heart, the belly, throat etc. Breathe into these areas of tension.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you like.

Recommended Alchymie Energies To Assist In Psychic Clearing 

There are some easy to use and potent Alchymie Energies designed to help with conductivity of the life-force and psychic clearing. They clear the psychic build-up of energetic stuff that gets stuck when we aren’t consciously conducting the life-force and when we have been exposed to toxic energetic communications.

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