Within the journey of our Hermetic Year, September is our second opportunity to contemplate health and wellbeing. Particularly after the celebratory period of August, we take the opportunity to bring focus and support these vehicles with conscious exercise, diet, and energy work.

Supporting our wellbeing at every level is something we must contemplate throughout the year and the energy of September grants us another opportunity to do so. If we are engaging the Hermetic Process, in September we can begin to consider what kind of well-being practices are going to support us individually. Each person requires different kinds of diet and exercise, and we need to find what works for us in order to make this commitment to our wellbeing. There are many wonderful Alchymeic Energies coincident with enabling a restoration and strengthening. See below for a full list of recommended September Anchymeic Energies.

September Hermetic Year Energies:

If you have any of these Alchymeic Energies, we encourage you to go find them, get them out and start using them. Let us take this opportunity to strengthen all levels and aspects of our ‘multi-dimensional’ beings.
The Alchymie here here to help you!

• Vital Exercise Collection
• Food Blessing Collection
• Verdant Function Disc

Energy House:
• Heart Of Love Energy House

• Senescence Pendant
• Sweet Point
• Lamda Ma & Tai Da Rings

• Bright Spark
• Heart Breath Octahedron
• 60 Vial Arranging Pack