Ayahuasca Wand


A deeply insightful and penetrating Energy – helping to unlock deep inner vision.

Drug Use & Cultural MisAppropriation

In some cultures, certain herbs and plants are used to heal and stimulate higher spiritual experiences. Unfortunately, it has become ‘trendy’ and ‘hip’ within the new-age circle, particularly in the West, to resort to substances such as Ayahuasca and DMT to stimulate higher spiritual experiences. It is fundamentally disrespectful to appropriate other culture’s sacred spiritual medicines in any casual way. The great indigenous cultures of the world have utilised plant medicines as part of their sacred traditions for thousands of years. Everything has its correct time and place. These substances belong to the ancient, sacred indigenous cultures of the world and should be treated with utmost respect and understanding.

Although we respect peoples choices, we must make it clear that this Hermetic work is not a part of these traditions. The Alchymeic Artefacts and their true purpose, stand ‘prior’ to all ‘experiences’ one might have while in an altered state. Therefore, we don’t endorse the use of drugs in conjunction with the Alchymeic Artefacts.

Using The Wands

The Wands can be carried with you throughout the day in your hand, pocket, handbag, briefcase etc. You can engage them at work, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation or at home. You can imbue a glass of water with the Energy of your Wand by tapping it to the side of the glass. Sip the water while holding the Wand and receive its energy.

Each Wand holds a specific intention of purification and transformation. The Wands are not influenced by other energies and so do not require 'cleansing', 'clearing' or 're-charging. They can be used personally, shared with others and used in your immediate environment.

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Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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