Clairsentience Wand


The Wand Clairsentience holds the qualities of claircognisance. It is for ‘feeling and knowing’ beyond the present conventional level of life. It could be feeling the ‘vibe’ of a person, a place, the future even – the intuition and ‘gut’ feelings that ‘one’ senses. It appears in the mind as a gnosis – you just know that you know… Divinely inspired revelations – may God’s Will be revealed.

Most of us are aware of our five basic senses; seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What nearly everyone is not so well aware of is our sixth sense or what is called the preternatural sense of ‘other worldliness’, a connection to something greater than our physical senses are able to perceive. It is a sense beyond the ordinary levels of comprehension or apprehension. This is what we call psychic.

This Energy is from a collection of Energies that invite everyone to awaken to feel themselves as 'energy'. We are all quite naturally psychic, but this is suppressed in us due to the overwhelming paradigm which suggests to us that we are simply ‘dead matter’, rather than feeling energy. Scientists are merely investigating the gross physical world and the results they come up with are simply undermining our humanity. Being psychic is our natural capacity. We have not allowed our full potential as human beings without allowing or awakening at some level to our psychic or feeling capacity. These Energies are intended to awaken this inherent capacity.


Using The Wands

The Wands can be carried with you throughout the day in your hand, pocket, handbag, briefcase etc. You can engage them at work, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation or at home. You can imbue a glass of water with the Energy of your Wand by tapping it to the side of the glass. Sip the water while holding the Wand and receive its energy.

Each Wand holds a specific intention of purification and transformation. The Wands are not influenced by other energies and so do not require 'cleansing', 'clearing' or 're-charging. They can be used personally, shared with others and used in your immediate environment.

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Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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