Elan Vital Introductory Disc


Valued at $85, Elan Vital Disc is an introduction to the Alchymeic Energies of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. When purchased, this Disc activates a 20min free introductory appointment, which can be redeemed via a special QR code once the Elan Vital Disc arrives to you. This experience is a beautifully crafted guided meditation and reception of the Elan Vital Energy, an invitation is to fall into the ‘feeling current’ of the Heart itself and a re-discovery of the intuited feeling of Truth and Reality.

“The Alchymeic Intention held within
Elan Vital is to allow us to feel the
Life Current of existence most intensely.
The Life Current is the original and
ongoing vital impulse of consciousness,
the vital nature of Life itself.”



The Discs are one of the key energy tools of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. Each Disc holds an Intention to transform particular habitual ‘patterns’, desires or karma that keep us locked into negative ways of thinking and acting. Receiving these energies may help to dissolve aspects within us that are blocked, freeing up the flow of life-current within our being and allowing an awakening to greater and renewed responses to life and to each other.

*Learn more about the Discs here.

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