Rocket Puja Wand


This Energy is seen psychically to bring a transformative current through the energetic body, entering through the crown and terminating at the base chakra. As the light descends it moves to purify energy blocks – fixations below the navel, then energetically explodes, sending waves of light as reverberations back up through the form to further purify and energise. Negative psychic aspects, in the form of animals, have psychically been seen being brought up from the base chakra and released, signified by a psychic vision of a sunflower sitting on top of the head. This is repeated several times until nothing more is released. The sunflower then brightens its glow around the dome of the head. At this point, all distractions to the left and right simply fall away since there is nothing left t

Using The Wands

The Wands can be carried with you throughout the day in your hand, pocket, handbag, briefcase etc. You can engage them at work, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation or at home. You can imbue a glass of water with the Energy of your Wand by tapping it to the side of the glass. Sip the water while holding the Wand and receive its energy.

Each Wand holds a specific intention of purification and transformation. The Wands are not influenced by other energies and so do not require 'cleansing', 'clearing' or 're-charging. They can be used personally, shared with others and used in your immediate environment.

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Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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