The Arranging Wands


The Arranging Wands are considered amongst the most special and powerful of all the Wands. They are the first of the Esoteric Energies that combine groups of energies together to focus on a specific area. There are over 350 Arranging Energies. The following ones have been selected to be the most useful as Wands at this time.

 *They are a vast matter and thus are only available in ‘groups of 3 or 5′, as they require a certain commitment and understanding of what these Energies are. Please detail which Energies you are choosing at checkout when you’ve added them to the shoppig cart.

The creation of an Arranging is achieved by a collection of Energies held on a Specific Single Spacer - with intentionalised focus on a single Energy. Firstly this is configured To make it functional. This is done by Word, By Witness or penetrating Consciousness. By Divine Vision, And then bodily Birthing the particular Current. This requires the polarised Current - As above so below - Intention – Creation. This Configuration is then made into an Arranging. By arranging the configuration to the power of a cube – Arranging the configuration to itself to the power of 3 Or multiples thereof. Always a cube to allow volumetric incarnation. Thus allowing the birthing of Synthesis Intelligence. Again this process is achieved through Recognition, Intention, Word, Witness, Penetration, Divine Vision and thus the Birthing of the process is achieved. Herein lies the Sacred Alchymie of Qualitative Transformation.


Available Arranging Wand Descriptions:

Arranging 1
There is always stress in the creation of form. The tears, or the ‘Wound of Love’ is sphere. Rudraksha One is the perfect sphere. Mythically, as the Heavenly Tears of Shiva fell upon the earth, Rudraksha trees grew, representing creation. The seeds of these trees were called Rudraksha malas. The perfect Rudraksha sphere has never been found. In the psychic vision of receiving this energy, of the perfect Tears of Shiva Rudruksha One: The teardrop appeared as the ‘Wound of Love’, spilling into the waters upon the current, or source of creation. This initiates a radical reconstruction of the subtle structures and awakens the energy circuits that haven’t been used yet. Old circuits that cannot hold the intensity of solar current are enlivened to adapt to this new evolution, bringing about the manifestation of the true form in God. Used also whenever we are faced with insurmountable odds. Overwhelm ‘the blues’ and imploding by turning and rounding out to the Mystery again

Arranging 2
The Staff of Thoth is the tool of allowing the Divine Current to ground - the splitting of the Earth Plane with an uncompromising force. The vision in its birthing appeared and embrace the intensity. The embrace requires the dissolution of doubt and fear, whole bodily trusting the unknown. A leap within Consciousness - Allowing this force to combine in the form allows a profound strength and Eternal Current to be actualised.

Arranging 7
The ‘conditional realms’ of the ‘cosmic mandala’ are ‘stepped down vibrations’ of the undifferentiated wholeness of the God Light. There is a gradual ‘forgetfulness’ to complete ‘forgetfulness’ as we go from the ‘yellow realms’ to the ‘red realms’. The ‘red realms’ are a ‘hell’ precisely because there is no opportunity granted to Realise God to realise God, but the opportunity is granted and so these lower ‘yellow realms’ are, at worst, only ‘hellish’. This Alchymeic energy Divine Star Light beyond the ‘cosmic display’.

The Divine Star is the centre of the cosmic mandala and if you look forward and up a little you will be looking directly at the Divine Star. It is always seen through the death process, of course it is the gateway to the Divine Realm, so be steadfast and always gaze into the Divine Star and not above or below or left or right. Always turn your Conscious attention to this point.

Arranging 8
Vision: there was enormous resistance to shift this energy of ‘poisons in the garden’ through the process to Radiant Realm Arranging. Snakes appeared, red hellish energy not wanting to intensify with more light. Red, red energy Transformed to Light.

Arranging 9
The Akashic Record. In the witness and birthing of this energy, the vision and place given could be described as The ‘Hall of Scrolls’. as a library of cosmic memory. All that has ever occurred - Past, present or future within the universe could be accessed as a living memory.

Thus these drawers of capsules of time events in time and space. In beginning to be given this vision there was a huge resistance of being permitted to such an entrance and having this place be revealed. Initially it was a realm held by ancient Alchymists or God-realised Beings. Obviously, Alchymists have hung out there and thus attained Eternal Life. From our point of view to be held in such a realm still presents limitation within Consciousness. to be able to translate into the Divine Domain, where all is dissolved in Only God and at last all points of view cease to exist.

So the process of entry was given over a three-day period. In the end, this domain was bypassed altogether in the revelation of Radiant Conscious Light. A place beyond which there is no place. Thus the beginnings of using Radiant Realm as the empowerment of the Product. In the witness of the Arranging. I again returned to the ‘Hall’. Literally in that space. All being available, All possibility of past, present, future held within the drawers of Time through the Arranging of the energy, attention shifts to the passage ‘as witness’.

Arranging 12
The original Space was held by the picture. Known as the Heart of Space. This represents the hole in the universe as the frontal personality dissolves- No persona is left, thus becoming the doorway or portal to Eternal Life and the recognition that there is no death-Death is only fear-based and time-based. Which is the awakening to Christ-consciousness- The raison d’etre of the Hermetic Art.

“We of the Remembrance are the Heart of Space. Without the Heart there is no Space, All is encroached upon. Without this Presence, we only persist in the deepest darkness. The Heart is the Glory of God. Here is the Heart of Space Eternally. We are the Remembrance.” - Jessa O’ My Heart

Arranging 14
Hermes Prophecy from The Emerald Tablet. There will come a time when “Every sacred voice will be silenced. Darkness will be preferred to light. No eyes will raise to Heaven. The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madmen will be believed brave and the wicked esteemed as good. Knowledge of the immortal soul will be laughed at and denied. No reverent words worthy of Heaven will be heard or believed. So I, thrice great Hermes, have inscribed the secrets of the Gods, in sacred symbols and hieroglyphs, On these stone tablets, which I have concealed for a future world that may seek our sacred wisdom.”

Arranging 16
“Esoteric Esoteric is simply not accessible by the ‘usual’ mind. It is an open secret, because there are no eyes to see, no ears to hear, everything is ensconced within the rational degeneration of reason, wherein we are unable to see that all of this that appears to be, the world, the universe is the projection that is our own Radiance. There is no universal discourse wherein we can speak to the ‘usual’ man or woman. The esoteric requires an unfathomable new form of communication, where we are dealing with the ‘essence’ of things and not the mere appearance of things. The esoteric essence of all phenomena is apparent to ‘synthesis intelligence’, which completely confounds the ‘cerebral intelligence’ of the ‘usual’ man or woman. Everything is seen, apparently, but everything remains shrouded in an unfathomable Mystery. We are unable to merely pull aside a curtain of obscurity. This ‘cerebral mind’ is at war with the Heart of Truth. For the Heart, the world of the ‘cerebral mind’ does not exist. For the ‘cerebral mind’ the world of the Heart does not exist. Hence, the world of the ‘cerebral Heart are condemned as madmen and fools and all that is abroad in the land is an ever-descending evil. Nevertheless, there will come a time when the Heart’s Truth is the master of this domain.” Jessa O’ My Heart from, “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love.”

Arranging 27
The psychic vision seen with the creation of this energy was as follows: A Fractaliser appeared over the body. The body appeared dead, as though exhausted after psychic attack - Miranda Rays coming directly at the body over a period had exhausted the form’s capacity to continue to live. In receiving the Energy it entered the form and the Fractaliser appeared. The structure of the ‘Fractalised’ Energetics was felt and known as a tomb of transmuting encroaching negative attention in the form of red rays. Thus the negative energy was transmuted and used as a source that could be returned to the point from which it came. Within the Fractaliser everything appeared red as though the angular attacking rays became transmuted, producing a kind of furnace was transmuted and used as a force of Light - it became useable power. Thus creative This Energy of the Hermetic Salamander is here to help us in the awakening of the world to come, that is growing in the mounting violence.

Arranging 31
Vision of Function Power: The Neter. The inside becomes the outside. Networks awaken deep within the brain and to the surface, activation of an evolutionary current. Expanding Consciousness. Three-dimensional, opening the passageways. Brain felt to be opening from fixity.

Arranging 33
Vision of Genetic Function in Itself: The Creative current witnessed to be so great now that the impulse to generate or create overwhelms all resistance. This Divine urge takes nothing into account. It can be seen as a highway of Current and forces the map or bits of programmes or DNA messages to spread. In the vision it doesn’t appear to mind errors. In other words, it is indiscriminate. The Force of Creation is simply that – An unaccountable Force. It tolerates mistakes. The Original Genesis, this Force ultimately through the cycle of life - death and change returns to Itself.

Arranging 35
The vision reveals that Creation is continuous and simultaneous. It is a continual current of the Life-Force allowing Genesis or Creation. It is an all at Onceness. In forward, allowing the Creative Current to move more freely out of the subtle into the gross-physical. It appeared in the vision to enter through the top of the head moving down into the navel. The vision in the Arranging could be seen exploding through the frontal line (frontal personality) and allowing the birthing of the Divine incarnating personality – An unstoppable creative force pushing through all resistance and forcing the overwhelming of the ‘knot of fear’ of the ‘frontal persona’, which is Awakening to Simultaneity or all at Onceness.

Arranging 39
The ‘Quality is Function’ is seeing the Process as a living Current, not as a something, always already the case: -- no historicity -- nothing to measure over against -- no quantity (science is based on quantity). Always already happening – it can’t be measured – no magnitude, science goes the wrong way. Effect of Energy – everything is allowed to become Alive – becoming Living, no fixity.

Arranging 41
‘Pan-Seminal Causal State’- (literal = across all things that can grow their causal state). Vision appears of a Diamond - Divine Diamond. Hand of God appears in Transcendental Realm. Diamond resting in the palm of the Hand, held up as though intensifying the Current and directing it. Almost appears at that point on the Hand as fractalising the Effect: Point of Fractalised Current spreads a Spectrum of Colour and Vibration. Spectrum of Colour and Energy Vibration activating and purifying layers of Colour, very different effects of colour on different areas of the being.

Arranging 43
The RR Qualitative Evolution energy can be seen in the witness as following the expansion of Consciousness and following the expansion or growth of the Brain Mind or the Extended Brain. This current relates then to the lifting out of the cramp or contraction of the brain mind, bringing about a liberation of Doubt. Qualitative Evolution is growing a Cosmic Brain, which ultimately is the evolutionary blueprint of the concentration of energy to a higher plateau. A shrill of higher vibration could be heard as the current becomes volumetric. The hole above the head is seen to open and allow the current of Divine incarnating force to enter. Whilst witnessing the movement with white Light.

Arranging 44
In witnessing the ‘Volatile Principle’, there was an explosion behind the face, behind Mortality face. Root of the nose – explosion, the seat of Consciousness. The failure to grow in the Cosmic Brain leads to growth of Black Mortal form (everything’s died), brain or head inside.

Arranging 45
With ‘Archangels Suns of Primordial Nature’, circles of Red Radiance felt as a Doorway upward. Release the lower form, releases attention from primordial matter. Matter - death and decay. Serves as fixations are burned away. Effect + cause.

Arranging 46
"A point of light spreads a defining touch". Effect of using this energy ‘The Odour of the Neter’ as a cause: seen as light opening this wall at the gateway. This gateway has prevented a lot of souls from leaving - this must purify the way for many to leave.

Arranging 47
This energy Vital Synthesis - Pure Symbol in its witnessing reveals the shape shifting of Divine Current. I was given the shape of Angels appearing, presently being created strength of the creative current appeared unstoppable and could be seen as falling like rain. “...It closes the rhyme of our lives, it gathers the beats down the choosing ways and within this enfolding Grace weaves an end to the castles of hours...” I saw sunlight arising as pure Divine Radiance and was given the vision of a new Dawn. The Light piercing the darkness appeared to create a fractalised current over what I could understand as Mt. Warning, our mountain in the sacred triangle of Tyalgum. This then becomes the simultaneity of the creation of Heart of Space Centres with the Fractaliser being the point of the top of the triangle. In Arranging this energy, the strengthening of manifestation and its actualisation is occurring.

Arranging 77i
A welcome aid to the ‘fussin some’ aspects of life, whenever the form responds with itself.

Arranging 105
The Styptic Force is contraction - deals with contractions.

Arranging 143
Glands of Encephalon. The Golden Current appears to stimulate glandular centers - shifting to a higher vibration. Centres of Life - Points at which Light - Chemistry of Enlightenment, cosmic mind is activated - secretion - nerve nectar of Amrita Nadi.

Arranging 163
The Great Book of Nature. Vision: A felt moment of literally walking through leaves in a book - pages that were transparent and translucent opening as though the pages had been closed or ‘bound‘. Initially around the head - opening one side at a time, then the other side and so on - an unfolding was experienced, layers releasing and opening from the contracted stress throat centre, then the heart-centre, (continuing to be felt as a releasing of ‘leaves‘ of energies) through the release of bondage from each centre of the energy form and continued its way down through the ‘lower coil’.

The Alchymie of the current of energy is the reflection of the 'Book' that has been bound - there are seven bindings - depicting also the seven seals and hence the chakras of the body-mind. The breaking of the ‘bindings‘ - the release of the gross-vital form, Enlightenment - no longer identifying with limitation, but allowing the initiation of the Eternal form.

Arranging 166
Genesis within Regeneration. Saw at the beginning a key inside a triangle, a locked Kingdom held in stasis. The energy activated the combinatorial lock of opening the door to the Kingdom. Kingdom = Pharaonic Kingdom, the Kingdom of God on Earth. Anthropocosmic Mentally - seeing it from all perspectives, simultaneous vision. Reanimation of lock that has been in stasis for lifetimes due to being hidden, misused, Doorway to the Heart - Rustiness in the ’Dalek Invasion’ of the mindedness of man - Doorway prevented from opening by the layers of lifetimes that have failed to know the present spark of intuitive current. Archeological site, layers of body plaques, faces of hell rushing towards me as I watched the opening of the doorway (like Indiana Jones ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’).

Arranging 177
Initiatory Christic Passion - (holds the initiation process). Holding the seeds to the Alchymeic fire and explosion of the frontal persona - atomic explosion.

Arranging 180
Vision of The Sacred: Cones of Light appear inside a porthole (place set aside - as well, necessary not sufficient). Engages you when entered, entrance to the present moment where everything is seen and understood as the literal is-ness - the present moment seen as it is Returned to the One, no separation but Only.

Arranging 201
As with the Combinatorial Heart Coffee Cup Elixir, this felt current moves through the Heart Centre, purifying and bringing to Conscious Light all that weighs upon the Heart; all the communication that is less than Love.

Arranging 235
“The clash and clamour of ‘hell’ is far behind us. We divest ourselves of the life of unconscious illusions in suffering. Suddenly we appear on a roadway in Ultima Thule, peaceful, gentle, a recovery is experienced as we walk along enchanting ‘country lanes’. The road opens up to reveal the way to a vast cathedral in Ultima Thule. We reach the outer perimeter, a golden fence with golden gates, beyond a path leads to the great doors of the cathedral, the turrets of which are lost in mists above. If we are ready, the outer perimeter gates will part. We approach the great doors. If we are ready, they will open. Inside a great hallway appears in the half-light and beyond this, some distance away, an altar is seen in blazing light. If we are ready, we can approach to drink of the chalice the drink, Sacrament. With this gesture, we divest ourselves of all fascination with the suffering of the mortal ‘coil’. We repent, we receive forgiveness, we awaken in Ultima Thule as the present ‘immortal’, until when we pass out of sight from this ‘yellow’ place and are translated into the Divine Domain, lost forever in the Love Bliss of the absolute Divine, never again to fall from Grace. So be it.” - Jessa O’ My Heart; ‘Sacrament’ from, “The Will of God is The Obligation to Love”.

Our prayer is for the Sacrament of sanctuary. In this world of tyrants we must develop prayer and contemplate sanctuary and how this needs to be held. The prayer is to keep all negative angular intentions or attention 10,000 miles away from all our dwellings or persons.

Arranging 242
There is Black Magic both Formal and Informal. People’s moods are the informal and we have to wade our way through them everyday. The formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger. Both are damaging to our emotional structure. Examples of Formal are: -‘Pointing the Bone’ an Australian Aboriginal curse that sees the recipient dead after about 4 days. - ‘Voodoo’ of the southern states of the USA.

Arranging 253
“This Energy refers to the energetic clearing needed from the intrusive of the world of computer technology and cyberspace - all manner of negative communication we invite through our connections to cyberspace. This cyberspace 'clearing' also includes the influence of television, all written material, i.e. is when we ‘ordinarily’ speak to one another in ‘ordinary‘ terms without the intimacy of Divine Inspiration we only interact in a kind of cyberspace, where nothing has the substantiation of this ordinary Earth realm. Living in this way we drift away in the thought bubbles above our heads. The Shadow of the World Wide Web Energy is a big pin that releases us from blithe journeys in mysterious places, locked in our dreamy space bubble.” Jessa O’ My Heart; ‘Shadow of the World Wide Web’ from, “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love”.

Arranging 262
The felt current of a fully functioning miraculous arranging of the sliver of the being.

Arranging 280
Don Juan Egg Elixir puts Humpty Dumpty back together again. This is the vibratory current in relation to the egg, or the fundamental energetic structure of the being, as described by Don Juan. Things such as childbirth, loosen and make ragged this fundamental structure energetically - and the male form through the creation of sperm and loss of it are also affected at their fundamental structure. So this Energy holds the intention of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Arranging 281
Given the time and space in Billion Year Slow Glass. Relationship to time is shattered and we find the now.

Arranging 286
The vision was of one who was overcome by anger and rage and thus becoming demonically possessed; gathering red clouds upon themselves and becoming impenetrable to the Light. The vision within this Arranging consisted of the Alchymist moving like a magician, throwing a scarf over those demonically possessed and dissolving their very appearance.

Arranging 288
"Vengence Is Mine Sayeth The Lord" - and so it upon this filth of soul, the 'unholy', those who celebrate the ascension of evil. When we look at this time, there is a celebration of evil, atheism has become a celebration, and the religious are considered dumb things. There is a vast celebration of evil and support of evil crimes, probation is given to evil criminals instead of jail time. It is the Hermes prophecy, where there is the celebration of the success of darkness.

This energy ‘The Unholy’ is given to counter this evil, to celebrate instead the Love of God and the ascendence of God in this world. Doubters like Richard Dawkins are apologists for the unholy in this world (writing endless books on the God delusion) completely denying Esotericism, instead celebrating science and the statement that there is no God. (Dawkins and others like him are too stupid to even know what they are doing.)

Arranging 289
This energy allows us to feel an ancient cache (capsule) of water from rains millions of years ago, laid down as a spring in the earth plane. It is felt as a current of total renewal of the vital structure, quenching the thirst as a perfect Wellspring. In the vision, it arose as rising nourishment from infinitely below, a liquid Divine soma.

Arranging 291
Unravelling us from all the many levels of ‘shock’. From an endless array of ‘shocking’ emergencies to the ‘shocks’ of knocks and spills, the ‘shock’ of birth trauma and so on. At last, perhaps, we allow ourselves to be unravelled to the core, to where the last tiny impulse of fascination explodes into the Blissful timelessness of perfect release; ‘shockproof’ at last. Big toe in the water.

Arranging 297
Throughout human history nothing has suffered more abuse than the human female. This Energy is full of compassion for the wounded female and moves to address the many aspects that plague women of all ages at the present time. Vision: A smile of delicious beauty, of uplifting current, to a vision of a pink Holy Being of transcendental form. The Pink Beloved.

Arranging 298
The Conscious male presence is required to stand forward. This Energy moves to awaken in men some feeling for what is ‘manly’ and what is not ‘manly’, activating their Real destiny, which is living as a Consciously creative being. Vision: The felt current was moving to ground and incarnate and allow the ‘Upper Coil’ to penetrate the Earth plane in feeling. Incarnation of the whole body, Enlightenment of the whole body, includes the Head submitted to the Heart, the Blue Beloved.

Arranging 300
Perfect integrity of the brain-mind. Transcend dysfunction and degeneration. Be available to higher levels of adaptation and evolution. Be blessed in the Gracious ascent. Therefore, regeneration of the immortal form.

Arranging 303
Release of the projection of death and dissolving in light. The transformation and awakening of humankind to recognise God absolutely, counter balancing all atheism. The eclipse of the Heart is touched, the Divine form is unleashed. The social persona, the shell is the 2% of the DNA, which has held the death psychology and the 98% is the radiance of Only God. This energy can be all consuming, unlocking the constriction of 'frontal line persona', dissolving the 'game', thus allowing the flowering and true incarnation of the Divine form.

Arranging 304
Humankind is on the brink of existence or non-existence. Subtle intrusions need to be cleared so that the Divine can incarnate through this gross-vital form. This energy is lifting the lid on identification with death and dying. It also clears the ‘machinery madness’ that feeds on the degraded death; a feeding frenzy on the ‘dreamers within the dream’. This energy is specifically intentionalised to deal with dimensions within subtle realms that feed on the unconscious state of humanity, particularly through death and dying. Within the vision there appears to be a feeding frenzy upon the ‘dreamers with the dream’. This Energy awakens us to consciousness, and their realization of standing forth as the enlighetned form, relieving us of the implication of this high and low. An important aspect of the focus is also releasing the karma inherent in the mother line.

Arranging 319
The blueprint of death, structure of the form, the born condition is mortality. Death is inherent with the human form. Vision: The Holy Spirit enters the earth plane bringing an identification with Eternal Life and the release of the identification to mortality, which appears to be inherent in the born condition. From the moment we are born, death appears to be locked into the memory even at a microscopic level and thus its fulfillment is assured. This arranging is moving to try to break into the fixity of death, bringing eternal life into it. A possible focus to use when engaging this Energy: “Radical realignment of all that has become misaligned throughout the entire gross-vital form, toe to crown. So be it.”

Arranging 326
Entropy - all systems tend to decay, this is the second law of thermodynamics. This energy is about the opposite, the reverse. Vision: A waterfall of light entering a dark form. Cosmic machines were seen working intrinsically on the form. A golden peacock appeared - a brightening, a lifting, a new form. May it be so!

Arranging 333
Happiness is our perfect practice under all conditions.

Arranging 338
A yogic monk spent 12 months underground, his heart rate reduced to 1 pulse per minute. Yogic 12 months Resurrection - achieved in a maximum of 12 days. Felt as a hibernation state, a reversal process, deep cosmic refreshment - breathes out all the death. The transformation of the chemistry, achieving freedom from psychic influence, allowing nightly rest – all stress dissolves at the level of chemistry. An intense burning process.

Arranging 343
The Maha Samadhi - that specific current which is the transcended state and blessing of one who has already died at the level of the physical form and remains present as Only God. The enlightened state can still be felt and known beyond the physical death.


Using The Wands

The Wands can be carried with you throughout the day in your hand, pocket, handbag, briefcase etc. You can engage them at work, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation or at home. You can imbue a glass of water with the Energy of your Wand by tapping it to the side of the glass. Sip the water while holding the Wand and receive its energy.

Each Wand holds a specific intention of purification and transformation. The Wands are not influenced by other energies and so do not require 'cleansing', 'clearing' or 're-charging. They can be used personally, shared with others and used in your immediate environment.

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