The Long & The Short Of It Wand


It is not well known across America that there are long and short black coffees that are the same price. To obtain a ‘long black’ in the ‘land of the free’ if you can get anyone to understand the request, could cost you four times the price of a ‘short black’. Having received our expensive ‘long black’ in America with The Long And The Short Of It Wand, we can transform it from a regular concoction of ‘poisons’, in the very least inducing a diuretic and constipated condition and spaced-out agitation and other deleterious effects, into a delightful, enlivening, rejuvenating tonic, that won’t kill you, even if you have five or six a day. “Drink me!”

This Energy is part of our ‘Food & Beverage Blessing’ collection of Energies, which are all about our appropriate relationship to food as a gift for our nourishment.

As an added enjoyment the energy Fortune Telling has been added to the coffee so that graphic displays of present and future circumstance appear for the reader in the empty coffee cup. Let all who dare, gaze herein and suffer the unmitigated revelation of all possible futures, come what may. As you gaze therein be reminded that all futures in this world are dissolved in Divine communion.

The gift of food is clearly a sacrifice for the sake of our survival. It is also very clear that there are vast numbers who are without food. We need to give a great deal of thought to this. We need to give thanks for the blessing that most of us have always had an abundance of food and pray we always will. Saying Grace in terms of this understanding, is acknowledging, therefore, that we are receiving a gift from the Divine. The Divine is the source of all things. We also say Grace to ask that the ‘vibration’ of the food be lifted to purify all processes; from picking off trees to crushing with machines.

Therefore, let us take each mouthful as we appropriately receive a gift, with gratitude and in total receptivity. At last, the real food is bringing energy and feeling* to one another, not being focused in our own survival.

What follows from our gratitude for food is also the conscious enquiry, support and consideration of where our food comes from, the many hands it takes to make it to our plates and what is required along the way.

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Using The Wands

The Wands can be carried with you throughout the day in your hand, pocket, handbag, briefcase etc. You can engage them at work, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation or at home. You can imbue a glass of water with the Energy of your Wand by tapping it to the side of the glass. Sip the water while holding the Wand and receive its energy.

Each Wand holds a specific intention of purification and transformation. The Wands are not influenced by other energies and so do not require 'cleansing', 'clearing' or 're-charging. They can be used personally, shared with others and used in your immediate environment.

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Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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