This selection of seven new Alchymeic Wands have arrived in response to the great transition and process of awakening we are all passing through at this time. They are all specifically addressing new levels of deep psychic release, adaptation and energetic support. 

The Parable Of The Snake 

Christ as a 12-13-year-old was bitten by a deadly snake. He grabbed the snake by the neck and for 1hr went into a transcendental trance and transmuted the poison, taking and turning its toxicity into a balm of brightness. During this process, the snake became a stiffened staff – solidified and transformed into stone. This is the power we must harness in the face of all that poisons the body

Within The Alchymie Of Creation A Divine Vision Appeared: Current bearing down – deep, dark, powerful. Black absorbing, containing, dissolving – felt it gathered all and pressed down on the navel-hara and below – as thought releasing at the same time.

Walk Of Faith Double Strength

 “All though I walk through the valley of the shadow of darkness, I fear no evil, for thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me all the days of my life…”

Within The Alchymie Of Creation A Divine Vision Appeared: A tunnel of Light appeared forward and upward – with a Lion sitting at the side of the tunnel entrance. Its growl was intense. Its appearance ominous and yet the invitation was to enter without doubt. Its presence was filled with Bright White Light and its current pulled you forward into Divine Light. It is a thought the lion represents all that is feared and yet the invitation made it so nothing – Love is greater than fear. All fear dissolves into the Divines pull. This is a whole-body Realised State. 

Gotcha Box

When hearing of the Leviathan feeders – Cosmic Vacuum Eliminator came into view and with the speed and humour of Divine Light, a Divine voice rang out with “GOTCHA”. 

Difficult Rays Wizard Marc 2

All of the technology that produces radiation, whether it be nuclear or electro-magnetic springs out of the technological mind, which is ‘doubt of love’… With the appearance of 5G and all the evidence that is emerging about the potential negative impacts this will have on the world at large, it is important for us to help address this at an energetic level. Difficult Rays Wizard is the esoteric response to this situation.

St. Corona

16years old when she supported a Roman soldier (St. Victor) who was being persecuted for his faith. She was then tortured and martyred. Her relics have been enshrined in Aachen Cathedral, west Germany.

Her blessing appears around treasure money finding and is being invoked around world economy through this pandemic – is currently being invoked around the world.

Within The Alchymie Of Creation A Divine Vision Appeared: Help find treasures of the Hearts creation and blessing of abundance creation – a way through – new paths, new ways to forge with creation and abundance as though helping create the other world. Supporting our prototype of Heart and allowing ways to be given to support us on into the future. Rush of current of possibilities as though the ‘Heart Divine Way’ is being given now. Sound Heart Intuiting – driven all the while with a ‘nowness’, as though old way ended, new way being allowed through this Pandemic. Cooperative current, joy, heart-driven, egoless force fo Divine Abundance now. A new way, a new dawn and overwhelm you – possibility of new nadis. The Divine Will have its way in this work, and it is now!

Everybody-All-At-Onceness Force

Ignition: For fundamental positive change to happen in the world, the world of everybody must represent itself all at once. The world of everybody (all at once) must get out of the position of passively accepting guidance and receiving calls to virtue. The world of everybody (all at once) must accept the necessary position of taking control of the world situation – that is what must happen otherwise there will be no world peace. Such a profound degree of change can only be brought about by the force of Humankind as a collective whole, or the ‘everybody force’.
The inherent collective is the Only True Power.

Power can only come about when the collective is unified. Unified collective = Power = “Everybody All At Onceness”

Wolf Spider

*Description Coming Soon