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Hermes Far Eastern Shining Energies

It’s through the fire and heat that you learn to love. That process really makes you reflect on who you are and what you have become. The best way through in my experiences of late, is to keep engaging the Energies. Hermes Fear Eastern Shining is a blessing far beyond anything I have ever experienced before! May we all have the strength to stand tall and firm through this moment in human history to bring the heart to the world. May it be so!

Amun-Ra, USA

Business Owner

Thank you for the lovely Bright Room Energy House! The Energy of it is very cooling for me. I can feel all the heat starting at my head and ending at my toes leave my body. It is as if I now have an air conditioner in my body as opposed to just having a roaring furnace… I can feel i’m going into a more balanced state. What a relief. It has been much easier to sleep since having it. A must for me. Highly recommended!

Kathy Otto, USA


I enjoy an ongoing relationship with Hermes. I would describe the effect of the Hermes products as restorative of  heart value and many levels of my day to day functioning. I love the increasing intensity of  brightness and lightness in my life. I feel deeply grateful for these products and Hermes for making them available to all who are fortunate enough to know about them and the personal transformation they facilitate.

B. Dickins, USA

House Wife

Since starting to use the Hermetic Energies I have felt considerable growth within myself. Having had a difficult life this far, and Energies give me the strength and brightness and vibration required to get through my day. My shape, form and feeling is completely different from that of a year ago, this being the positive testimony of others, calling me “unrecognizable” and ” having a wonderful aura”. I feel this also. Thank you!

N.C, Australia


I have found the Hermetic Product  to be such a fundamental support for me and my day-to-day spiritual practice and transformation. Each time I receive a new Energy is an absolute blessing.  Thank you to Hermes Far Eastern Shining!

D. Lully, Australia

Business Owner

I received my new Energies today. Holy Cow! Talk about splitting my moment! Instantly it felt like I had a waterfall of champagne bubbles going up through my form that still hasn’t stopped now for 3 hours. The amount of space in my head is endless, free and blissfully happy. I find myself giggling with delight for no apparent reason. What a relief in the intensity of this time. Please pass this on with my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.



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