The Difference Between ‘Alchymie & Alchemy’

Within our work we spell the word as it was in the old language – Alchymie – to differentiate it from chemistry. This spelling reflects our understanding of Alchymie as real spiritual transformation. Alchemy is commonly known as the transmutation of base metal into gold. Considering this as an early form of chemistry is fallacious. In our understanding, this statement is a metaphor, being that it is the person that is the base metal.

So it is about enlightenment – the gold of enlightenment. The word is spelled as it was in the old language – Alchymie – to differentiate it from chemistry. This spelling reflects our understanding of Alchymie as real spiritual transformation. The origins of Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), developed the alchymeic process known as Hermetic or Hermetic Science and wrote the Emerald Tablet. Upon this Emerald Tablet, Hermes inscribed his famous observation: “As above, so below”, as well as a description and language of the process of creation.

Most, if not all, historical evidence of Hermes Trismegistus, including the Emerald Tablet, has been destroyed, hidden or lost over time. There are now only channelled or intuited versions available. The likelihood that any serious statement of Hermetic Science exists with any authority is most unlikely. Commonplace descriptions may exist in the world of the “puffers” and those willing to make exorbitant statements. (Puffers are dilettantes with respect to Alchymie, huffing and puffing and getting nowhere, because they take it all so literally!)

We have to separate myth from actuality – Gold as a metal is normally made in stars (through nuclear fusion). Imagine trying to transmute it from base metals in a little pot on earth! The process of turning lead into gold has to be metaphorical or allegorical. Turning us into enlightened beings itself takes a huge amount of energy and is remarkably difficult – practically impossible for most people.

Spiritual transformation has all the elements of Alchymie – it requires a huge amount of heat applied steadily over years to make a difference to the usual consciousness, which is dense, karmic and lead-like. Gold is the symbol of enlightenment. There is scant information on Pharaonic Alchymie, but it can be surmised that Hermetic Alchymie is a development upon Pharaonic Alchymie. The scarcity of historic information leaves us little else to say. 

Our Alchymeic Teaching Work

Alchymie is a vast and mysterious matter and involves spiritual transformation, or the liberation of consciousness from limitation. The Alchymie of Hermetic Instruction represents a new paradigm, where duality dissolves in the unity of Only God. Participation with the Alchymie of Hermetic Instruction via the use of the Alchymie Artefacts and supportive practices, involves us in the awakening to the Reality of Existence as Love, which is Happiness, which is Consciousness.

Alchymie is an esoteric transformation of celestial proportions that is characterised by slow and steady heat. This heat is generated between our desires as habit patterns and the demand for Alchymeic transformation. This demand is to go beyond our habitual patterns and awaken to the prior intelligence that is our true condition. 

“Alchymie is constantly tended through steady discipline to enact what is truly a miraculous transformation of mankind into God. Alchymie lies purely in the esoteric realm. Association with the esoteric realm is through prayerful consideration, founded upon the ‘Word’. The ’Word’ is the ’Verb’ and the ‘Verb in Action’”. Esotericsm is the Open Secret”. – Jessa O’My Heart – The Alchymist

Hermetic Instruction appears in the form of Alchymeic Products, Writings, Workshops and supportive lifestyle practices. It is intrinsic to the book: “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love.” As the Alchymeic Product demonstrates the quality of Hermetic Instruction better than any other aspect, awakening sensitivity to the Alchymeic Product is a key aspect of the overall Hermetic Instruction.

“The Alchymie of Hermetic Instruction shows us the Divine nature of mankind and the Divine nature of the cosmos. The awakening to Consciousness is the awakening to the ‘Immortal One, wherein death has already occurred with the dissolution and Transcendent Art to Absolute Unity: The death of separative-self, the death of egoic life, and the beginning of ‘Real Life’ based on the knowledge of Only God.” – Showme Shower’s Heaven’s Bliss – The Philosophers Stone