Experience the Power of Alchymie with Elan Vital

Welcome to the threshold of these transformative, esoteric Energies! Hermes Far Eastern Shining invites you to embark on a profound journey, through the Elan Vital Disc, to begin to discover the possibility of the most powerful Esoteric Products on the planet. This introductory Disc offer grants you exclusive access to the realm of Alchymie on offer, inviting you to immerse yourself in the pure essence of the life-force Current Itself.

The Alchymie Discs: Tools of Transformation

The Alchymeic Discs are the cornerstone of Hermes Far Eastern Shining’s transformative energy tools. Each Disc carries a potent intention to break habitual patterns, dissolve limiting desires, and unlock karmic blockages. By engaging with these Energies, you open yourself to a renewed response to life, enabling a free flow of the life-current within.

What is The Elan Vital Offer?

– Priced at $15 (valued at $85), the Elan Vital Disc Offer is an exquisite introduction to the Alchymeic Energies.

– Upon purchase, you’ll receive a 20-minute free introductory appointment, redeemable via a special QR code upon delivery of the Elan Vital Disc.

– This guided meditation one-on-one experience serves as a gateway to the transformative potential of the Alchymeic Energy. It beckons you to explore the ‘feeling current’ of the Heart, a space where the intuitive feeling of Truth and Reality is rediscovered.

How to Engage with the Discs

Place a glass of water on the Disc to imbue it with the Alchymeic Energy. The water retains this energy, allowing you to receive it when consumed. The Discs are personal tools, shareable within families or partners, transcending sensory interpretations to impact you at a deeper, transformative level.

This introductory offer is a stepping stone into the profound world of Alchymie. Embrace the opportunity to discover and unlock the transformative potential within you. Join us on this enlightening journey and experience the extraordinary essence of life with Elan Vital!

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