As we approach August, the birth month of the Alchymie, we wanted to share a statement from Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – the Philosopher’s Stone, on the significance and appearance of the latest Alchymeic Energies being created over the last three years. 

Welcome To The New Threshold

A Message From the Philosopher’s Stone.

“This period of time within the traditions is noted as the end of the karma, the end of the age of darkness, and the beginning of the age of Light. This is the great transitional passage of resolution of all the baggage and patterning of lifetimes, and of allowing our attention to move from the inward coil of self-protection, to the Infinite coil of Divine Reflection. This is the time that we may truly go through a conversion ‘whole-bodily’ and allow the ‘Temple Of Man’ to be a literal manifestation – the process of whole-body enlightenment. 

Within the Alchymie, ‘As Above, So Below’ means the literal awakening and realised manifestation of Divine Light whole-bodily. It is an overwhelming current that floods through our archaeological sites and allows us at last to be relieved and released from all that has bound us. It allows us to remember how this Eternal Current can flood our forms with an overwhelming gnosis that we are Divinely Purposed – that we are already profoundly loved, forgiven and restored in Eternal Wonder.  

The passage of the Essenes is coincident with this time of great transition. These Esoteric Energy Workers, who existed prior to and heralded the birth of Christ Consciousness, lived for many hundreds of years working within the caldrons, the inner chambers of the Great Pyramids. They kept the sacred mystery schools of Alchymeic existence alive. Their final lineage and living expression lasted until the age of darkness saw the overwhelm of the Cathars in the South of France through the Inquisitions. This history resounds through time as the great ache and wound of the Heart. It was a time of the murder of the Heart.

Now is the time for all of those great lineages to be re-awakened – for those nadis to be rediscovered, reignited within the Esoteric School Of Higher Learning. This is the time of the awakening to the ‘crux’ and ‘key’ of all that is locked within the DNA of our own gnosis. May this time of Conscious Awakening be a shape shifting. May the Heart Of Love be restored.  May there yet be time to release the burden of all the un-love that these ages have accumulated. May at last the Heart Of Love Win out! May it be so.”

Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – The Philosopher’s Stone and co-founder of the Alchymie

The Essene Energies

The following Alchymeic Tools are a part of the profound flooding of new Alchymeic current at this time. This new unfolding of energy work is seen as the gift of the reawakening to the ‘energy body’ of existence – out of the solidity of the age of darkness – a time where the mind overwhelmed the Heart. Now is the time for the Heart’s intelligence or intuition to be reawakened, nurtured and grown. It is a time of allowing the feeling dimension of existence to become the expression of Being.

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