The Essene Spacer

The new Essene Spacer is the latest evolutionary creation in this lineage of esoteric artefacts for personal transformation and awakening. After 25 years of development this latest Hermetic Product is opening possibilities at levels never seen before.

It is seen as the gift of the reawakening to the ‘energy body’ of existence – out of the solidity of the age of darkness – a time where the mind overwhelmed the Heart. Now is the time for the Heart’s intelligence or intuition to be reawakened, nurtured and grown. It is a time of allowing the feeling dimension of existence to become the expression of Being.”

The Discs Provided With The Essene Spacer

The Essene Spacer comes with a series of very specialised Disc Energies that are created for this latest evolution within the Alchymie, continuing the unfolding of the Essene Initiation. It is the Essene Portal Manifestation Cosmic Mind Actualising Spacer. This spacer comes with three sets of starter discs and three sets of three Essene Discs:

The following three sets of Discs are given with your Essene Spacer. Engage each of the three sets of Essene Discs separately – e.g. place all three ‘Language of the Essenes’ discs on your spacer, one on top of each stack of starter discs and place your glass of water on the gold plate. Then drink the imbued water. After this continue to stack the sets and drink your imbued water- sit, breathe and receive their energy for as long as you feel to.

Note: the top three Essene Disc sets can be added in any order.

Rite of the Sepulchre
Resurrection Process by initiates and adepts, stilled their vital signs. Regenerated their physical bodies for extended time. Locked within the DNA is the initiation for longevity – Evolutionary energy continues to unfold.

Language of the Essenes
In the Vision – An unfolding grace of the eternal knowing.
A deep silence that communicates from eternity and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine Current. As purpose of existence. The walls of the great temples are alive in the great mystery that is our Hearts’ Knowing. We have walked these walls, we know these resounding trumpets. The Echo of the Infinite all at oneness, a depth beyond depths. Boundless Infinite Rejoicing – choirs of angels heralding.

Ascension Initiations
Powerful current turns cellular structure around. A felt nausea as it initiates the ascending current, beyond mortal gravity. Actualization of the light body process, whilst alive in mortal form. Invites a whole-bodily process, at a cellular level. Needs adaptation and immersion.

The 9 Initial Discs Provided With All Spacers

The 9 Initial Discs are the basis, the initiating current for the Spacers, bringing the Product into alignment to receive all other Discs that may be added upon them on the Spacer. These Initial Discs are provided with the White Single Spacer, Zoroastrian Spacer and Golden Spacer, as well on all of the five Marque 6 Spacers. 

Upon each Arranging Disc is a symbol called “Heart Evolution Geometry”. This represents the flowering of the brain-mind; the opening and awakening of Prior intelligence, beyond the cramped conventional

List of 9 Initial Gold Discs:

1) Arranging 11 – 171 / 172
2) Arranging 1 – Tears of Shiva Rudraksha One
3) Arranging 172 – Cosmic Genesis
4) Arranging 168 – Soulfire
5) Arranging 5 – Missing Attributes
6) Arranging 163 – The Great Book of Nature
7) Arranging 9 – The Akashic Record
8) Arranging 6 – Self Point
9) Arranging 335 – Real Feeling

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