The Golden Dome is a profound Hermetic artifact, with its intention being creating luminaries. On its base, the formation of a hexagram with the crossing of two Fractalisers. The Hexagram is as a symbol of Concentration. It is the sign of the Macrocosm of the greater world, because its six angles fitly represent six days of Creation. Whilst its synthesis forms the Seventh Day – represented by the centre (Day of Rest). It especially represents the concentrated force of the planets acting through the signs of the zodiac, thus sealing the astral image of nature. It is especially attributable to the Sun. It is a strength and a power.

 The Hexagon – is for Spreading. It signifies:
– Distribution
– Radiation of a force

The base also holds all of the astrology symbols, with 7x diamonds – on resting beneath each golden sphere, and one in the centre. Each sphere holds two Arranging energies. The central rod holds the empowerment of the diamond at the tip of the pyramid, and the currents of RCsL Soulfire and RCsL Arranging 146 The Royal Pharaonic Throne (The Throne of the World). “A point of Light meets a defining Touch.”

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