“It is almost impossible to talk freely about the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining because such communication doesn’t belong in the world of the rational paradigm.  Even though the current medical model is crying out for a change of paradigm, there is no way to introduce such a paradigm shift to them because they are still wedded to the old paradigm of rationalism, materialism – everything is about matter only. There is no way to interest them in something that is so radically different. The most likely response would be “this can not be true”. It can not be grasped by the rational mind.

What is more, the laws of the land are set up to protect the current rational paradigm, and anything perceived to be a threat to that, is quickly suppressed.

You can not tell people ensconced in the old paradigm about the new paradigm. “There are no ears to hear” q.v. ‘Esotericism is the Open Secret’ in The Will of God is the Obligation to Love. There is nothing hidden that is not intrinsically hidden in the subject matter itself.

Throughout history, we have seen similar treatment of radical new ways of approaching the world. Interestingly, it was the pursuit of science that was suppressed so intensely by organised religion only a few hundred years ago. Leonardo Da Vinci had to write left-handed and backwards to hide the subject matter of much of his work. His famous study particularly of the human heart1 was considered especially abhorrent to the ruling paradigm of the era. Vast bodies of his writings were however destroyed, as have been many writings throughout history that didn’t ‘fit’ the ruling paradigms approach.

The history of humanity has seen both the suppression of science by the ‘spiritual’  paradigm and the suppression of ‘spirituality’ by the scientific paradigm.

Writings about Alchymie continue to be enigmatic and mysterious, still so as not to risk further suppression by the current ‘laws of the land’, today dominated by scientific materialism.

The Alchymie of Hermetic Instruction, as represented by Hermes Far Eastern Shining product and the Fellowship of the Esoteric School of Higher Learning represents a new paradigm – where science meets spirituality and duality dissolves in the unity of Only God.”

Jessa O’My Heart, The Alchymist

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