Real Esoteric Prayer Transforms The World!

New FREE Live Event – next Wednesday 15th Dec, (Aus time)

The Universal Hermetic Prayer is a new FREE offering from the Esoteric School Of Higher Learning, birthed out of a desire to help many more who are needing this level of energetic support. We have the gift of the incredible Alchymeic Products like the Stargate Boxes, Wand and Vials etc… Let us support you in your growing understanding about the nature of this work and how we utilise Alchymie to help transform and inspire change in our lives.

This is a time of great transformation worldwide. With all the upheaval around us and the interruption into many levels of our daily lives, we need somewhere to come to find stability, to be restored to the ‘feeling dimension of existence, and to receive the energetic support we all so desperately need. We are here to help and support you!

The Universal Hermetic Prayer will be specifically utilising the Esoteric tool of the Stargate Boxes, Wands and Vials. However, you don’t need these Alchymie tools to participate. All are welcome no matter what level of involvement.

On the Universal Hermetic Prayers, we will have 5 Stargate Boxes setup with very specific Alchymeic Energies! You are invited to send in your intentions and prayers via this online form below. We will print these prayers/intentions and place them on the relevant Stargate Box. We will then be taking time to receive and combine with the Stargate Boxes and intentions on the forthcoming Universal Hermetic Prayer Zoom Events. *Your prayers are private and will not be read on the upcoming Prayer Zoom. A copy of your responses will be emailed to your registered email address and we encourage all who have Stargate Boxes to print them and place them on your own Stargates.

*We invite you to also bring all Alchymeic Energies to the Zoom to enjoy and use – your Wands, Pendants, Spacers and Discs, Stargate, Houses etc… Come and sit in meditation with us in ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’.

How To Participate

Step 1. Fill In Online Prayer & Intention Sheet

We’ve created an online ‘form’ where you can take time to feel into the intentions you’d like to hold for the Universal Hermetic Prayer.
Simply type your prayer or intention in each ‘answer’ field below. Try and keep your intentions concise, simple and to the point. A short, specific intention is often more potent than a long winded story… You don’t need to fill in every field. You may only want to send an intention for one or two prayers. Don’t be frivolous with your intentions… We invite you to be real. Take time to ‘feel into’ what you are asking for, and what is it that you are asking for – what is in your highest interest?

Step 2. Register For One Or Two Zooms
*Wednesday 15th (AUS) – 8am and 12pm

The Universal Hermetic Prayer will be held next Wednesday the 15th of December (AUS Time)
Click on the following links to see which times they are in your local time, and register for either or both events.
All welcome. No previous experience required!

A statement from The Alchymist, Jessa O’My Heart about Prayer:

“What is prayer? Well conventionally a prayer is asking the Divine for some change in a circumstance that is most often emotionally charged with importance for those who pray. Often this importance is the avoidance of some impending disaster and usually it is the ‘portents of doom’, which have turned an individual toward thoughts of seeking Divine help, where ordinarily, consideration of the Divine is not entertained. Such a circumstance could be termed ‘neurotic prayer’ and such prayer would account for most of what praying amounts to… Real prayer is whole body sacrifice into the total pattern of every moment. We are yielded and surrendered beyond the knowing or presumption of the outcome or the means to the outcome. We have turned it all over to the hands of God, we are submitting to grace. Whole bodily is to say we yield up the whole body and all possible motivations within the cosmos”. The Alchymist – Jessa O’My Heart

Definition of words:
– ‘Whole bodily’: our multidimensional structure that coincides with the cosmos. and all seeking, until there is nothing we are clinging.

– ‘Sacrifice’: yielding up the pattern of desires to, high or low.

The Five Stargate Prayers:

This Stargate has all of the major Psychic Clearing Energies on it to help energetically release all tensions, blocks, limitations and difficulties you may be facing. This Stargate Prayer is your opportunity to release the energy of this past year, all that has come before this moment that you may not have been able to release yet – anything that may still be weighing upon you. Anything that you can feel or see that you need to let go of in order to move forward into a whole new possibility for transformation, growth and change – this is your chance to do this energetically.
We are faced daily with so many things that create a chemistry of stress in the body. This stress chemistry is ultimately detrimental to our health and wellbeing. The body is designed to be able to transmute and deal with certain levels of stress. But when this is consistent and ongoing, we become overwhelmed, rundown and our bodies start to buckle under the strain of having to transmute too much. So ALL beings need restoration, renewal and regeneration! This Stargate Box is loaded up with all the wonderful Alchymeic Energies that have been designed to energetically help us transmute the psychic demands that wear us down over time. Feel into what you need at this level.
It is true we do need sufficient funds and abundant flow in our Western society to maintain ourselves beyond the ‘poverty line’. This level of abundance could easily be granted by simply exploring the responsibility for ‘conductivity of the life-force’, wherein the karmas of poverty could be forever dissolved. We must awaken to allow the dissolution of our negative disposition wherein we are simply meditation on our dreadful situation, and begin to ‘count our blessings’. In so doing we begin to dissolve the disposition that has created our negative circumstance.This Stargate Box will be filled with all the relevant ‘Functioning Truly In The Manifest World’ & ‘Abundance’ Energies. This is your opportunity to take a moment to ‘feel’ what you truly require.Take a moment to consider what you truly need at this time, what is ‘service’ and supportive in your life – what serves your greatest good now.
We are truly blessed to have access to the great Angelic Alchymie connection via these Vials and Wands. They have become a profound support to thousands of people all over the world and have cemented their place amongst the most potent of all the Alchymeic Energies.What would you like to ask the Angels? They are here to help, particularly now as they combine with the Alchymie. Again, take a moment to sit and feel what you truly, deeply require in your life. Is it something that you need specific help to shift? Is it something that you need to come into your life? Is it a work related or personal matter… Whatever it is, the Angels are here to help. This Stargate is loaded up with all Angel, Archangel and Angelic Realm Energies.
We all have a greater role to play in the healing and transformation of our planetary situation at this time. From the very little things like being aware of our consumption, what we eat, the plastics we use, to the purely ‘esoteric’ consideration about every thought and action we take having an impact, like a ‘super-energy-broadcaster’ communicating our energetic state to the world in every moment. Ultimately, every gesture we make towards taking responsibility for ourselves as ‘energy’ has a profound impact upon this earth plane. Take a moment to consider your impact. Take a moment to consider your place in the ‘whole’ of humanity and the shift in consciousness that is so needed at this time. Write a prayer and intention from your hearts desire for chance and awakening at this level for yourself, and humanity en-mass. Let us all together BE the esoteric solution at this time.

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