Real Esoteric Prayer To Transform The World!

A powerful way to support many more people worldwide at this critical time – to help everyone relocate a connection to their own Hearts Intuition, and to aid all in aligning with the ‘bigger picture’ and way forward durning this passage of great transition for humanity.

We invite you to come and join us for these powerful weekly energy/prayer events.
All Welcome!

How The Universal Hermetic Prayer Works

The Universal Hermetic Prayer utilises the Alchymeic Energy tools called the Stargate Boxes, Wands and Vials. On these weekly Zoom events there are four Stargate Boxes setup, each with very specific Alchymeic Energies covering important aspects of the transformative process such as; psychic clearing, renewal and conductivity, abundance and Angel Alchymie. Each participant is invited submit intentions/prayers for each Stargate Box via our online Google Form. These are printed and placed on the relevant Stargate. We then take time during the Zooms to receive and combine with the incredible Alchymeic Energies and learn how to engage real transformative prayer. A copy of your responses are emailed to so you can print them, and place them on your own Stargate Boxes if you have a set.

Also on these Zooms, we invite everyone to bring ALL other Alchymeic Energies you may have, to engage and enjoy – all Wands, Pendants, Spacers, Discs, Stargate, Houses etc… (*It isn’t a prerequisite to have any additional Alchymeic Products in order to participate. All are welcome no matter what level of involvement).

Come and enjoy the benefits of real esoteric prayer with us!
*Registration links and instructions on how to lodge your weekly prayers below

Registration Links & Times

Monday Nights

7pm, HK Time

Tuesday Nights

8pm, EST

Sth America
Wednesday Nights

7pm, Bogota

Thursday Nights

9pm, GMT

Thursday Nights

7pm, Central

How to Lodge Your Weekly Prayers

Step 1. Fill In Online Prayer & Intention Sheet

We’ve created an online ‘Prayer Form’ for each Zoom (see links below) where you can take time to feel into the intentions you’d like to hold for the Universal Hermetic Prayer. Simply type your prayer or intention in each ‘answer’ field below. Try and keep your intentions concise, simple and to the point. A short, specific intention is often more potent than a long winded story… You don’t need to fill in every field. You may only want to send an intention for one or two prayers. Don’t be frivolous with your intentions… We invite you to be real. Take time to ‘feel into’ what you are asking for, and what is it that you are asking for – what is in your highest interest?

Please Note:

– All prayers need to be submitted no later than 24hrs prior to your Zoom

– All submitted prayers will remain on the Stargate for the week, then will be cleared prior to each weeks new Zoom.

Step 2. Register For Zoom Event

– The following UHP Zooms require registration – UK/IRE/EU – AUS – USA. Please make sure you register via the links above.

– The Asia and Sth American Zooms do not require registration. Simply click on the links above to join these Zooms.

A statement from The Alchymist, Jessa O’My Heart about Prayer:

“What is prayer? Well conventionally a prayer is asking the Divine for some change in a circumstance that is most often emotionally charged with importance for those who pray. Often this importance is the avoidance of some impending disaster and usually it is the ‘portents of doom’, which have turned an individual toward thoughts of seeking Divine help, where ordinarily, consideration of the Divine is not entertained. Such a circumstance could be termed ‘neurotic prayer’ and such prayer would account for most of what praying amounts to… Real prayer is whole body sacrifice into the total pattern of every moment. We are yielded and surrendered beyond the knowing or presumption of the outcome or the means to the outcome. We have turned it all over to the hands of God, we are submitting to grace. Whole bodily is to say we yield up the whole body and all possible motivations within the cosmos”. – The Alchymist, Jessa O’My Heart.

Definition of words:
– ‘Whole bodily’: our multidimensional structure that coincides with the cosmos. and all seeking, until there is nothing we are clinging.

– ‘Sacrifice’: yielding up the pattern of desires to, high or low.

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