These two very special Alchymeic Energies have arrived now to support us on our continued journey of awakening and transformation – one to give you total psychic strength and psychic protection – the other to grant total energetic renewal.

My Domain Is Advancing

This extraordinary Energy is the esoteric current of the Alchymist’s poem “My Domain Is Advancing’. A powerful clearing and strengthening for all at this critical time. It is a powerful energy acting in many ways like a psychic clearing to help us regain our ‘space’. But more than this, it is a powerful reminder of the Heart and the Divine work in this world…

The Rite Of The Sepulchure

This stunning Esoteric Energy is released as an opportunity for true restoration – a deep spiritual renewal. Echos of the ancient rite of immersion into the sepulchres under the pyramids, beings would go an immerse in liquid baths, in the dark, for up to 3mths at a time. These beings were able to live for hundreds of years using this technique of regeneration. This esoteric Energy allows us to feel the energy of such a process.