Wands ConcoctionWhen a Wand is received for the first time, it is important for us to initiate its Energy within our own energy field. We call this the ‘Ignition Process’ – taking a moment to receive, ignite and ground the energy throughout the circuitry and aura of our entire form. The Wands are designed to be used on all areas of the gross vital form as well as the aura/energy field.

The following procedure is designed to help you receive the full benefit of these wonderful Energies. It is recommended that you engage this basic practice for a period of time when you first receive a Wand, until you feel you have grounded the Energy within your own form before sharing with others. You can engage this process at any time throughout the day, however, it is best to do it in a quiet space, morning or night, away from the demands of your day. This allows a deeper feeling connection with the Energy. (Also, if you are using the Wand with another person, it is suggested that you carry out this entire process of Ignition on them to help ignite them in real feeling also).

The Wand Ignition Process

In order to combine with this Energy tool, tap it to the side of a glass of water then receive 3-6 sips. This ‘Imbues’ the water with the WandEnergy. Sit with your eyes closed for a moment and breathe deeply. Then,continue to hold the Wand in your hand with one end gently resting on the *SelfPoint. Hold it there while reading and learning the following ignition process.Breathe deeply and allow a much greater moment for receptivity. Rest a while in this space, giving yourself time to combine with the Energy.

(*Self Point – It is universally true that when we refer to ourselves, “Who me?”, we point to the ‘Self-Point’, located 1 and 1/4 inches off centre of the chest line, co-incident with the pacemaker of the heart on the right side . This is where we feel ourselves to be. The Self-Point is where the transcendental meets the cosmos. It is the epitome of the whole body. The whole body refers to the whole cosmos, the extended form.)

  • After this initial period of feeling, (at least 10 seconds),begin to move the Wand in a circular motion clockwise on that point, continuing to breath deeply. With every in-breath receive the Infinite current and with every out-breath release into that expanse. Gradually allow the circular motion to expand until it encompasses your right shoulder, throat and chest. Feel and allow the ‘ignition’ of this new Energy in your field. (This point on the right side of the heart is also know as the ‘hole’ in the Universe, or the entrance point of the Divine into the soul).
  • As the circle gradually becomes bigger, lift the Wand off the body and begin to work its energy in the same clockwise motion in the auric field in that same area, continuing to expand.
  • When you are ready, turn the Wand around and begin to work this spiralling motion ‘outwards’ away from the body, expanding the energy out in front of you, (clearing and opening the outer layers of your own energy field).
  • When you are feeling that this movement has reached its maximum expanse, bring the Wand into the middle of the ‘outward ‘spiralling motion and pierce the centre of the spiral in an ‘outward’ motion. Feel and allow for this further expanse and piercing in an ‘outward’ moving motion.
  • Finally, bring the Wand back to the heart centre, hold it on the body and take a deep breath.
  • Every major energy point on the body needs to have this initiatory moment. Therefore the above procedure is now to be applied to these additional points in the following order. (Remember to allow the Wand to be stationary for about 10 seconds before moving it).

– The Third Eye Chakra (root of the nose)

– The Crown Chakra (top of the head)

– The Brain Stem (base of the skull)

  • Then place the Wand at the base of the skull allowing for the transmission of its Energy to begin to move down the spine. Begin to run theWand down as much of the spine as you can reach, feeling into this movement of energy clearing and opening as a spiral down the spine, opening through each vertebra.
  • When you reach the base, continue with the ‘Ignition Procedure’ again.
  • After this, begin to move the Wand over the lower limbs – the legs and feet, breathing and allowing its energy to flow ‘whole bodily’. Remember that we have many channels of energy flowing all over and through the body.Therefore, sweeping the Wand over the limbs like this will also help the extremities of the body to receive.
  • Continue the ‘Ignition Procedure’ on the following points,remembering to allow a moment for the Wand to be stationary for its initial ignition at each particular point.

– The Navel Chakra (belly)

– The Solar Plexus Chakra(where the rib-cage meets in the middle)

– The Heart Chakra (centre of the heart)

  • Once you have completed these points of ignition with the Wand,continue to sweep up over the shoulders and gradually down the arms to the wrists and eventually the palms.
  • After completing both arms, place the ends of the Wand between your hands and feel it move through the arms and shoulders, creating a circuit through the heart. Also move it around your hands.
  • Finally, to complete the process of Ignition, tap the Wand to your glass of water again and receive 3-6 sips while placing the Wand back on yourself-point, completing the circuit. Truly allow a moment to feel ‘whole bodily’ the current of this Ignition.

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