Hello friends. I have been asked by a few people to do a review on some of the recently released Alchymeic Wands – what they are, what do they feel like etc… I‘m happy to say, that this was a total pleasure!

The new range of Alchymeic Wands covers a wide array of common modalities and practices, and Healing Hands, Yoga and Meditation are examples of these. I have been lucky enough to have spent time with these three particular Energies over the last few days and I can tell you that they are extraordinary! Here we go…


Healing Hands Wizard:

Somehow, I had the greatest impulse to spend time with this Wand first (I’m not sure why). Not because I’m a healer or a masseur, using my hands every day. I just had to hold it, as if overwhelmed by a thirst to drink of its energetic healing quality. It was calling to me…

As usual when receiving a new Wand Energy, I tapped the Wand to a glass of water and sat quietly for a moment to allow myself to come into feeling. The first experience I had was that of a pulsing sensation in the centre of my hand, the third eye and, strangely enough, the soles of my feet! Then there was a the kind of feeling you get when you are detoxing from coffee or changing your diet – almost like something was being stripped away. This experience intensified (and still occurs whenever I pick the Wand up). It is my understanding now that this initial experience was of the Energy clearing the channels and circuitry for the current of Healing Light to flow freely.

Following this, I began to feel and see (internally), a network of light threads forming between my hands up through my arms, heart, third eye, down through my navel and then up through my crown into a source of Light above. Then this Light started to flow down through this new circuitry. I was filled with a great sense of wellbeing and ease, a joy and peace that I hadn’t felt so deeply for what felt like forever.

Even without having much experience with formal healing modalities (only being initiated into Reiki Level 1, 15 years ago), I have had a great time testing this new Healing Hands Wand Energy on some of my friends, with surprising results. Some have commented that my hands, when placed on their body, felt very large and warm; others, that they can feel a tremendous amount of light entering their bodies; yet others have mentioned feeling of great clearing and releasing of tension. I also experimented with where I placed the Wand on my body when I worked on others, eg. in my hand, in my pocket, in my belt at the base of my spine. It didn’t seem to matter where it was. The intensity of the experience and feeling were not different once I began to feel the Energy flowing.

In conclusion, I’d say that you don’t need to have any experience in being a healer in order to use this Wand on others, or even on yourself. It is the gift to allow you to awaken to the inherent healing capacity that all of us have – awakening, realigning and stimulating your circuitry to allow this flow again.

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Yoga Wizard:

I practice yoga every day. I love it! It gives me a great sense of stability and groundedness, and in particular clarity! I used the new Yoga Wizard this morning in my routine and was pleasantly surprised…

Quite simply, I felt my practice was enhanced – the breath was bigger, the body was more aligned and the overall experience was more enjoyable. But above all, I had a very direct experience of being instructed, as if someone was there guiding me – and greater consciousness or awareness of the poses I was doing and even the meaning and comprehension of yoga itself seemed to arrise. I guess I could explain it as having a sense of connecting to my own higher intuitive understanding of the poses and even beyond, to a yogic awareness that I feel I may never have understood or even conceived about – a very deep feeling connection.

I have been carrying this Wand with me today, continuing to connect with it and receive its Energy. This has also been a really good thing to do. Overall, I feel more aligned and in my body, and the expansion and fluidity that I experienced in my yoga routine this morning has continued. I’m really looking forward to spending more time with this one…

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Meditation – Formal Happiness

Over the years, I have learned a variety of meditation techniques and processes. I eventually arrived at the realisation that meditation was about learning to come to rest in the energy and simplicity of the present moment – learning to abide in my recognition and connection to the Divine. So it was an extraordinary Grace to receive an Energy that supported this understanding and feeling that I’d had.

The first time I held this Energy, I was very moved. It didn’t take any time at all to realise the headiness of my day and come to rest and feel again. I naturally began to breathe deeply, by chest filling as if it was being pumped up by some external force. Bt particularly I noticed that on the exhale, I was realising a lot of pressure and build-up tension that I was holding in the body and of which I was not particularly aware. I realised that this Wand Energy was providing me an initial psychic clearing! (I guess we can’t truly come to rest in the happiness and freedom of real meditation unless we are clear and the circuitry of our body-minds is restored to its natural start. Who would have thought that a meditation Wand would give you a psychic clearing!

Beyond this initial experience, this Wand allowed a profound depth and ease in my Meditation. I had no trouble whatsoever with the mind or the body, everything seemed to settle gracefully. I felt a deep connection and intimacy with the Divine and an ease in allowing this communion to expand and flow throughout my form. But above all, the intimacy was exquisite, as if all barriers, mind, ideas, separation I represented in my limitation, were all dissolved and I was standing free, stripped bare and available to the love and grace of the Divine. Exquisite!

A truly wondrous gift! I would love everybody to have this Energy, whether you are an experienced meditation in any particular line of cultural meditation practice, or just starting out on your journey of discovery. This Energy would benefit everyone and enhance any form of meditation, as it transcends all limitations, concepts and ideas of meditation that don’t allow the true revelation of Only God.

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