This new and higher path laid by the Eclipses has now arrived, and this July Cancerian New Moon represents the first stage on our journey. As we set out on this new journey, the July New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions around what we wish to embody as we begin this new chapter of our life. Along with the beautiful, sensitive energies that the Cancer zodiac brings, there are other energies to take note of under this New Moon.

At the time of this New Moon, we are still working with the energies of the T-Square. A T-Square is a configuration of three planets, in this case we are working with the energies of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

Using our Astrology Wizard Wand

– Take a moment to close our eyes and visualize the type of energies we wish to embrace, carry, and imprint onto this new pathway. Imagine these energies flowing through our body and sinking deep into the Earth.

Some other suggestions to intentionalize the astrology wizard wand.

– Feeling into the t square with Mars(action) Saturn (father force)and Uranus(the awakener), finding the positive energy to hold on to what serves and let go ,change all that is less than love. How can I bring about this transformation?

– How can I express the most positive cancerian energy, by being more nurturing and creating a safe haven.

– Feeling the mother aspect of my being, allog the expressions of the spiritual body – ie compassion & unconditional love.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

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