Here are some useful things to engage with your Astrology Wizard Wand this week…

– Just as the Sun gets ready to leave Gemini on June 20, 2021, Jupiter enters retrograde, joining Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. When Jupiter enters retrograde, it can put our beliefs, ideas, and the things that we thought we knew under the spotlight, encouraging us to look again and perhaps change the way we have been choosing to see things.

Jupiter can be our lens, helping us to filter, color, and shape our reality. When we work with its vibration on the highest of levels, it allows us to view the world as a place of abundance, expansion, and limitless possibilities. It’s Jupiter’s energy that reminds us that all things are possible, that we are always capable, and that life is a journey.

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Using the astrology wizard intentionalising how we view the world. Calling through the energy of Jupiter retrograde, witnessing the effect…

1.Pay attention to where our focus is drawn during this retrograde cycle. See what new information or things are highlighted .

2 It is likely that  focus will shift in some way, allowing us to change our perspective and open our mind to new and even greater possibilities. 

3. Really simply observing how we can make our life more positive and abundant.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

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