At this time Saturn wants us to take ownership of our behaviour and get clear on how our actions, beliefs, and thoughts are contributing to the reality we are creating. Saturn is a bit like a strict teacher, and can bring some hard or challenging situations to face up to. But the aim of the game here is to rise to the challenge, to take full ownership of our life and decisions, and to know that we always have the power to try again, to do better, and to succeed. Saturn has been retrograde since May 23rd on October 10th it went station direct! This is really good, strong and useful energy for all those who are ready and able to harness it.

Using our Astrology Wizard Wands setting the following intentions:

1. Simply feeling into, or fall forth the energy of Saturn through your Wand Energy, and just allow yourself to feel what that energy represents.

2. Hold the intention within the ‘minds eye’ of what lessons have manifested this year for you and how you’ve been able to align yourself to conscious growth.

3. Take a moment to witness or feel into what behaviours have changed for the better in your own life.

4. Feeling how to take more responsibility for thoughts words actions.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

Have you experienced the powerful Alchymeic Energy Of The Astrology Wizard Wand…! This Esoteric Energy can clear many difficult energetic issues that we may be enduring subconsciously, as well as stimulate much energy around higher spiritual adaptation and transformation within Consciousness.