This week, Venus and Mars will align in the sky on July 13, 2021, at 19 degrees of Leo, shining down creativity, harmonizing any imbalances. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Mars is the Fearless Warrior. While they come together exactly on July 13, we are going to feel the merging of these two energies for about a week on either side of this date. So as well as well as using the astrology wands we could engage the relationship collection,as well as Venus and Mars collections.

Intentions for engaging the Alchymeic Energies:

1. Witnessing how I may be out of balance, and observing in my day-to-day activities how this may be reflected to me.

2. Love is action. Using the alchymeic energies feeling into how my actions can be more loving.

3 focusing on all my relationships ,how can I make these more conscious and loving.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

Have you experienced the powerful Alchymeic Energy Of The Astrology Wizard Wand…! This Esoteric Energy can clear many difficult energetic issues that we may be enduring subconsciously, as well as stimulate much energy around higher spiritual adaptation and transformation within Consciousness.