There are a couple of really powerful Astrological energies that you can make use of this week… The Pisces Full Moon peaks on September 20th/21st (depending on your time zone). The Pisces Full Moon is one of the most magical and dreamiest of the year. It offers deeply creative, intuitive, and heartfelt vibrations, helping us to expand our awareness of the subtler frequencies. Also, Neptune, the planet of spirituality and illusion is very active under this September Full Moon. We may find ourselves diving deeper into our spiritual selves 

The Moon is  linked to feminine energy. This energy is present in all living things, and on a potent Full Moon, we may find issues arising when it comes to our relationship with the feminine. Sometimes we can see this playing out in significant female relationships in our lives too.

Engaging our Astrology Wizard wand to set intentions for the following:

1 Feeling my relationship to the Divine feminine.

2 Witnessing my devotion to the Divine

3 Witnessing how we might be out of balance, with the male/ female integration within our own being

4 As the divine feminine we are looking out and up, using our astrology wand to feel if this is the case.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

Have you experienced the powerful Alchymeic Energy Of The Astrology Wizard Wand…! This Esoteric Energy can clear many difficult energetic issues that we may be enduring subconsciously, as well as stimulate much energy around higher spiritual adaptation and transformation within Consciousness.