This week we are walking on new ground now and we need to get our bearings before we can confidently move ahead. So don’t be afraid to pause and wait till you feel clearer. Since the Blood moon eclipse on May 26th, we have been walking a portal between the old and the new – between one state of consciousness and the next. This portal finally comes to an end on June 10, with the arrival of the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This June 10th New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini. It is an Annular Eclipse, which means the shadow of the Earth will move into the middle of the Sun, creating a ring of fire. Gemini is represented by the twins, with one twin being mortal and the other immortal. These two twins represent the duality we face on Earth. We are humans, limited by our physical bodies and in need of material comforts, but we are also limitless souls, on an endless journey of growth. Also, this June Solar Eclipse is a North Node eclipse, which signifies an opening to a new chapter of our collective destiny.

On a global level – the collective choices we make around the time of this Eclipse are dictating our collective future. This is also the last Eclipse we will experience in Gemini until 2029, so whatever is planted now will create a ripple until this time.

Our choices, words, and thoughts have a power here that can help shift the planet into a higher frequency.
So using this knowledge to transform whatever is not serving in our own case for the support of the whole.

Here are some suggested intentions to help transform our negative patterning and communication, using the astrology wizard:

1 – feeling into and witnessing reoccurring negative communication, have this be transformed now.

2 – what can I do differently to support the whole, focusing on the direction that we need to move into to support The collective, unity consciousness.

3 – to focus on our soul growth.

4 – helping to let go of the identification with the mortal form.

5 – how can I be responsible for my own energy and what I am broadcasting.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

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