As Jupiter retrogrades through the sign of Aquarius, (which occurs from July 29 until the end of the retrograde period on October 17), we may find ourselves questioning our societal values and thinking about how we fit and what needs to change in our lives at this level…

When Jupiter enters retrograde, it can put our beliefs, ideas and the things that we thought we knew under the spotlight This is an opportunity that encourages us to look again and perhaps change the way we have been choosing to see things. Jupiter can be our lens, helping us to filter, colour, and shape our reality. When we work with its vibration on the highest of levels, it allows us to view the world as a place of abundance, expansion, and limitless possibilities.

It is Jupiter’s energy that reminds us that all things are possible, that we are always capable, and that life is a journey not to perfect or master but to simply learn from. It is likely that your focus will shift in some way, allowing you to change your perspective and open your mind to new and even greater possibilities. Even though it’s a subtle change in energy, as Jupiter retrogrades through both Pisces and Aquarius, we may notice these zodiac signs coloring the flavor of what we experience.

*Using our Alchymeic Astrology Wizard Wand Energy, invoke the following intentions for purification, transformation and awakening beyond all the karmic outcomes being presented:

1 Pay attention to where focus is drawn during this retrograde cycle. See what new information or things are highlighted.

2 It is likely that  focus will shift in some way, allowing  a change in perspective and open our mind to new and even greater possibilities

3 With everything that is happening in our world today, how best can I serve humanity.

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