This week’s Hermetic Astrology inspiration: (*Remember always more powerful and transformative when utilised in conjunction with the Astrology Wizard Wand Energy. (see link below)

The Taurus New Moon on May 11/12, 2021 – opens the doorway to Eclipse Season. Eclipse season is a time of change and transformation. It is a time where the Universe presents an opportunity to make a quantum jump onto a higher path for our soul evolution. So make sure you are feeling for the ‘bigger picture’ and that your intentions are aligned with your greatest good.

Also, Black Moon Lilith (BML) is highly active at the time of this New Moon. BML is a raw, feminine energy that reminds us to stand in our power and to recognise the full potential of our being. We have a black moon Lilith 2020 disc that we can engage.
All of the ‘energetic’ implications of these Astrological reflections can be creatively ‘used’ when we align to the Astrology Wizard. Remember when you are holding your Astrology Wizard Wand you can ‘call up’ or ‘invoke’ whatever aspect of the Astrology you wish to ‘feel into’. The Energy of that aspect will be greatly enhanced with the Wand Energy. Give it a go.

The Astrology Wizard Wand

Have you experienced the powerful Alchymeic Energy Of The Astrology Wizard Wand…! This Esoteric Energy can clear many difficult energetic issues that we may be enduring subconsciously, as well as stimulate much energy around higher spiritual adaptation and transformation within Consciousness.