Understanding Hermetic Astrology – The Alchymie Of Transformation

Our birth in to this place, this Earth Plane, is a gift given to allow us to awaken to the truth of Only God, or only the Divine. We are born with many karmas or patterns of limitation which we are given to grow through and beyond. Acknowledging this helps us to take steps forward on this passage of growth. Our karmic destiny, or the blueprint of these patterns we are here to transcend, are the actual pattern seen within our astrological display. Therefore, transforming our Astrology is also about the transformation of our karmic limitations.

“Astrology brings you to the fundamental consideration of existence itself. There is an igniting moment at a certain time, a certain place, a certain year that the individual soul incarnates. Therefore, it has an Astrological implication that can be read by those in the know. The Alchymeic aspect here with the Astrology Wizard Energy, is about colliding with that moment of incarnation, with the implication of that moment. In other words we are invoking the conscious penetration and splitting of that ignition.

What brings the individual to the born condition? Within the entire cosmic map or display, how is it that one individual’s moment of ignition differs from others? What is the pattern of one individual’s moment of creation as opposed to others? Understanding the implication of that patterning is what it is to penetrate the karmic destiny.

Firstly, our prayer and invocation is to awaken beyond the incarnating moment itself. If we truly allow the conscious explosion of current, one can be taken to the ‘witness’ and remembrance of the prior condition, prior to birth itself. Such a consideration implies that there is an understanding within the user that such things as karma, reincarnation, life after death exist and that each birth is the possibility of moving through to the awakening of the lessons implied by birth itself.

What all individuals need to come to realise, is that without conscious awakening the implication of one’s moment of creation holds a destiny. That destiny is what in ‘conventional terms’ most human beings simply live out, in other worlds all the encoding of the moment of ignition. The destiny is the map of your conventional life, from which for the most part there is no space, merely the destiny itself, like a cork on the ocean being moved with the currents.

How the Hermetic moment collides with that destiny is simply that – a collision to allow an explosion of conscious awakening. So the impact of these Energies is to have the collision of consciousness awaken one from the born destiny that is read in your stars. In other words, Grace enters. Destinies are overwhelmed by Grace. Destinies are dissolved in Grace. In such an awakening the being is literally dissolved of the implications of the born condition.

Let us take this moment to invoke such a passage. Let us make this moment a profoundly transformative one. Let us make this moment a collision where the hand of God, or Divine Grace, colliding with the destiny of the individual, explodes into the brightness and ignition of heart awakening. Which is real intelligence, which is consciousness itself” – Showme Showers Heavens Bliss

The Astrology Wizard Wand

Some of you have written in to ask more about Hermetic Astrology and how the Astrology Wizard Wand can help us clear the energy of astrology and align us to the higher aspects of what is reflected for us within the stars. Often the response to the Alchymie can be so profound that it is important to come back to the original intention for the Energies to help you ground it and re-align. Even if you’ve had an Astrology Wizard Wand for a while, you will really benefit from reading this again 🙂

Working with these energies can allow clearing and transformation and bring about great changes in our capacity to remember and feel the Heart in its true form. To work with these Alchymeic Energies you do not need any great knowledge or experience in Astrology – just the Wand… 🙂

The Astrology Wizard refers to the influence of the planets and constellations upon an individual. Astrology reveals a map of the influence of the cosmos upon any given individual based on the unique circumstance of their birth. The purest form of astrological practice, given in this Astrology Wizard Wand, seeks to dissolve all destinies written in the stars.

Astrology can be a useful tool to begin to understand the mechanisms and tendencies that move us as individuals. Within the patterning of the stars is held the blueprint of our psyche, or what we perfectly identified with at the time of our birth. The study of astrology can reveal the map of our karmic destiny, or how astrological alignments may be influencing our behaviour. What is ‘written in the stars’ is reflected upon the Earth plane, which in the Hermetic tradition is referred to as the principle “As Above So Below”. The sign in which you were born is another way of recognising particular ‘tendencies’ or ‘characteristics’ that you identify with and have been drawn to. Working with these Astrology energies may allow you to purify and release these karmic patterns so they are no longer limiting you.

Here are some other clues and guides to help bring you to a new level of awakening and understanding of how and why understanding Astrology can help you grow and transform. Make sure you are holding you Astrology Wizard Wand while you read this – invoking the real understanding of all that is being offered here.

Another Useful Excerpt

Here is another useful consideration from the Alchymist, Jessa O’My Heart, that can help ‘expand’ and open your conscious awareness and awakening in relation to Astrology and the true nature of existence.

“The universe appears to us as a vast expanse, seemingly unending and unfathomable. In this view, stars are distant memories that reach back unimaginable millions of years. This vast cosmic display would seem to bring us down to a size less than that of an ant and many of us no doubt feel insignificant and ant-like relative to the cosmos. However, this imponderable universe is an illusion created through the structure of the human brain, and in penetrating this illusion we are able to see that the universe has no size at all. This is no doubt utter scientific heresy, yet let us say it again, “The universe has no size at all,” and this is just like the ‘place’ where you dreamed last night, which also has no size at all.” – Jessa O’My Heart (From the Introduction to the Stargate Box)