In times like these, we need to be constantly coming back to ground zero and considering who we are, what we are doing and why were are doing it. Understanding our motivations and feeling deeper for what we really should be doing, are really important if we are to grow as humans.

Understanding what a ‘human’ is, is probably a really great place to start… Here’s a wonderful consideration gleened from a conversation had with the Alchymist of Hermes, Jessa O’My Heart.

What is it to be Human?

(A Dictation from a conversation with The Alchymist, Jessa O’My Heart)

“There is an Asimov book called I Robot that has a rule for robots, that they cannot cause harm by action or inaction to a human being. The trouble is how can you tell what a human being is? Even though there is a humanoid form, robots can look human, chimpanzees can look human, what is it to be human? There’s a human level that cannot be programmed into robots. It’s not about shape, there are weird shapes still regarded as human. If it is about behaviour – what would we require? We talk about inhuman acts like the acts of the Nazis, so there is a moral level to being human that doesn’t apply to robots, chimpanzees and Nazis.

When people say I’m only human, this indicates weakness, but being human is not about weakness, indulgence, and lack of discipline, looking after the self. There is a requirement in our relationship to other people, to bring energy, to be Happy and to draw all beings to their highest possibility, living beyond reactive levels of anger, fear and sorrow.

There’s a whole class of behaviour we call sub-human, how some people treat others and animals. Within this range of behaviour there’s all kinds of cruelty – inhuman. These people we incarcerate – they are not fit to live with other people and we class these ranges of behaviour as being immoral because it delivers pain and cruelty of all kinds to people. So cruelty is out. There are ranges of behaviour that are wholesome and friendly with a total absence of cruelty either to people or to animals.

To quote Adi Da – “So let us not be cruel and stupid people. “ Let us remember one another in love. Only atheists cannot talk about love because love is the absolute attribute of God – Only God is Love. Atheists become capable of anything. Most scientists are atheists, not moral, not trustworthy in any regard – eg. genetic engineering, stem cell research, things that border on the structures of the human world. The way scientists talk, they are clear and certain that there is no God. This Hermetic process demonstrates that the delusion is on the heads of the scientists. Science is practically equivalent to atheism.

If we simply look around this world we see that there is nothing more obvious than God. God stands out. God is fundamental in the description of human being. Without that everything is relativistic. Everyone makes up their own rules – what is good and what is bad. What’s to stop them from being cruel? nothing. Their works are full of dialectic materialism and shadowy things, the muttering dark, books that don’t lift and evolve the human spirit. Michelangelo’s works are full of beauty and show that there is God. The hand of man has reached into the Divine with the works of Michelangelo. The Madonna and child – you can drink it in, they remind you.

Compassion, wisdom and understanding imbue us with the spirit that is human, full of every growing beauty and wonder. In compassion we see all things equally in the sight of God. That is compassion. Reality is always drawing yourself and others to the highest possibility. This is the appropriate use of human energy. The human being is the equivalence of Divine being, as in the observation of Hermetic methods. This is demonstrated in Jesus of Nazareth. God is about being radiant, full and Happy. Our lack of radiance is the question is there God? You push away the muttering dark. You allow your self to be touched by the Divine.

This is a reasonable argument, not in the form of rationalism but in the form of poems and aphorisms. This is way beyond the rational explanations of mind. Rationalism is degeneration of reason. The Greeks were expedient rather than thorough and that let us enter this twisted world of daemons in the war against the Godless. Some groups talk about God but are really Godless and even think murder and mayhem are something to do with God. This place is only Hellish, there is Love here. You don’t have to rationalise it. We embrace it in our Heart. We expunge the Richard Dawkins, Carl Marx, atheist point of view, which is blind, irrational and cruel, which thinks we are unidimensional. We are multidimensional – gross, subtle and causal.

The other thing about being human is being responsible for our subtle body communication. The consideration that has always been going on in this world is the battle against atheists, the so-called rational people. They have no rational basis on which to deny God. They are lost in the cramp of the doubting mind. Their rational space becomes absolute. In the awakened disposition we see the absurd disposition of atheists because it shuts down and denies the human spirit, shrivels the brain to the size of walnuts, the whole body becomes diffused as they sit and contemplate in their tiny little rooms of rationalism, loveless, awaiting only death. The awakened Heart is what is sufficient. The Heart is the seat of understanding that embraces the force that is Reality, so that understanding becomes the form of reality.” – Jessa O’My Heart

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