Recently, whilst working on the latest Saturn Bubbler (which will be on its way to Columbia soon), the very first Saturn Bubbler that was placed in the Wisconsin, USA appeared in a vision, revealing itself to be of great significance – a key Energy to help unlock and stabilise the recognition of the Divine in the world and in America at this time.

It came to our attention that this original Saturn Bubbler has not received an upgrade and still only holds the original set of Energies on each sphere, which totals 18 (the latest Saturn Bubblers hold a maximum of 8 Energies on each sphere, which totals 104 Energies and also includes the latest intensification to ‘Radiant Conscious Light’). In addition, several of the cylinders need to be replaced.

It is our feeling that if we find a way to upgrade this first Saturn Bubbler it will be another significant shift in Consciousness and awakening in the USA.

In total, we need $4,000 in donations to complete this.

* Please contact Hermes directly, or your local distributor for details on 
how you can donate to this worthy cause.  All donations are graciously received. 

Join us now and become a part of lifting and restoring the very first, and most important Saturn Bubbler to its Full Glory!